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Tyro11's Wishlist

*bolded for my most wanted

>less forced animations, more focus on fluid, stick-based movement
>better win probability for individual matchups system
>more effect on the game from weather or field surface
>make stadiums, fans, and students a big part of the game (ex. shaking screen)
>make momentum a part of the game (young players fold, old players thrive)
>more trick plays (not just offense but special teams)
>make overused playcalling to cause other side to gain attributes increases (force players to not call the same plays)
>fans rush the field during upsets
>more diverse body types and less focus on making everyone looked jacked
>include rare blunders (high snaps, dropped field goal holds)
>gang tackling as opposed to it always being solo
>instead of making lower OVR QBs just be terrible passers (like can't even hit a slant), add a level of difficulty by making WR button targets fade in and out or change every play.
>make fatigue more realistic instead of so linear
>allow players to play through injuries but with noticeable hobbles in animation and attribute
>perhaps allow an option to focus before the game and each half for each side of the ball (ex. defense: don't get beat deep)

>incorporate grad transfers and allow the best JUCO signees to be a high OVR
>more variability in all recruit's OVR
>more variability in player OVR progression
>inclusion of player character issues (missing class, suspensions)
>more variability and higher ceiling for walk-ons
>make team captains an important thing
>allow for program-building tiers (each tier allows a choice for different uniforms, mottos, etc. & maybe even a new stadium at the highest one)
>allow for way to set a program culture (can help recruiting in different ways)
>would love to see an office animation where you can even walk around the fieldhouse such as go to the lockeroom see the roster, filmroom for depth chart, trophy case to see records, history, etc., and so on - office could start small and meager but as the program builds it can become nicer and nicer
>overall better tracking system for completed seasons, bowl champions, not just records but Top 10-50, etc.
>ability to see any coach's previous coaching jobs
>ability to export teams to play in exhibition
>player's injury history matters in terms of attributes and potential re-injury
>it would be cool to have 'some' NFL news regarding past players that have went on to play- would be awesome to know if your school produced x number of pro bowlers
>stolen from NBA 2k: rule change committees yearly (new targeting rules, expanding the playoffs to 8, 16, 64?? teams, new OT rules, etc.)
>automatic changing conferences
>occasional new schools moving to FBS
>small but fun Heisman trophy ceremony animation
>and maybe some short but sweet wrap up video for each week of the season
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