Defending pass and long ball

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Re: Defending pass and long ball

Yeah, I love how he says we all suck too, and then his tips are Pass interfere and "put the controller down." very helpful.

Here's a real tip, Only go for the INT when you are clearly in front of the WR, generally only on curls and outs. for the Deep Ball, SWAT IT DOWN. There is no 100% way to prevent the deep ball, but I find that the CPU only hits about 1 deep ball on me each game (which is pretty realistic to me) and the other times I either swat it or smack the WR to jar the ball out. I know it gets frustrating when you have double or triple coverage on a WR and he still come up with it but keep at it.
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Re: Defending pass and long ball

I've been known to stop the deep ball.. by getting right infront of the reciever.. and just swatting it down.. or going up for the INT.. its very tough to do.. but it can be done.. I'm on my 2nd year with VT.. and I'm 3-2.. Losing at Purdue. and at Oklahoma.. But yeah.. the comp does go deep on me.. especially when they have to score.. GO HOKIES!!
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Re: Defending pass and long ball

just get in front of the reciever and slow him down. and then try your best to swat it down. never go for the interception unless it is an overthrow or you have a good shot at it.
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Re: Defending pass and long ball

Originally Posted by ODogg
do like me and learn to swat instead of int'ing everything...i still have a tendency to go for the int but i'm trying to learn to swat and it seems to help a LOT more to stop those deep balls
This one sounds like a keeper...so thats why you swat at the ball...silly me I should have known, why eles would someone swat at the ball,as in playing pass defense doh ...works for me bro and its oh so common sense like....

Pass is thrown and the reciever is about to catch the ball...what are you gonna do about? Swat/knock it down and stop the completion...its called playing the ball and it does work as opposed to drawing those pesky penalties that can cost a game and give away valuable field position...just a thought guys try it out and see if it works for you.

I've no doubt most of you guys can play the game it just takes work on certain things that will work out but for some it does take time we're all at different skill levels and all have the ability to improve so its not as ovious as it appears to some of us including yours truly.

We all have room for improvement and can ,it just takes time and practice for some of that are just looking to have fun and improve our skills and thats ok its a game and it requires certain skills that can be delt with so don't worry about it you'll be fine.

Holla Back y'all
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