NCAA '06 vs. Madden '06

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Re: NCAA '06 vs. Madden '06

I rented Madden the other day, and I will be sticking with NCAA.

NCAA is alot more responsive when controlling your players, Madden feels stiff to me. The ball looks so much better in the air in NCAA than Madden. I like NCAA's player models and animations better. The overall atmosphere and presentation in NCAA is better.

There is a few things I do like better in Madden though. Running up the middle is better, and little less ping pong-ish. The play fakes look much better. The defensive back AI is a little better, not as easy to complete deep passes. I like the QB vision/precision passing. I like all the audible options you have on offense and defense too. Other than that, I just find NCAA a more enjoyable game.
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Re: NCAA '06 vs. Madden '06

I may be in the minority here, but this year's madden gets my vote. Even though NCAA 06 is better than last year's disaster, and many people say it's the best game in the series, I find it sort of frustrating.

To me, it seems like the pass defense is difficult to throw into. I'm not the best passer and probably not even that good - that's helping to frustrate me. I see the holes in zone coverage where my receiver is and I try to throw it in there as fast as I can, but the ball gets swatted away way too often. I look at replays a lot and it seems like there's no head tracking. The second a ball is thrown, a DB with his back to the QB instantly tries to make a play on the ball and everyone converges to it.

I know probably no one else would agree with me on this, but it's just hard for me to get any enjoyment out of NCAA 06. It's my loss, but I'm not feeling it this year.

I don't see these things in madden, and even with the cone passing, it's easier for me to complete passes. The defended passes make more sense to me too for some reason. I should probably log more time on Madden instead of poking around in NCAA to make it more enjoyable for me.
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Re: NCAA '06 vs. Madden '06

NCAA. Dynasty much better than franchise
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