Ugh... starting to dislike the game.....

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Ugh... starting to dislike the game.....

Maybe it's just me and i'm complaining too much but I seem to really suck at this game. I'm also starting to notice a few things which are really, really bugging me.

The Long ball
The lack of blocking
How the CPU can score at a moment's notice

It's all getting to me... grr. I mean, with the pass blocking, they are ALWAYS on me in 1 second. I've watched several replays where the line will literally just let the guy go right by him and go off and try to block a safety! Leaving my QB to be flattened by BOTH the DT and LB....ugh
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Re: Ugh... starting to dislike the game.....

I've never had a problem with any of those issues. I simmed through my Oregon season (because I forgot to do in-season recruiting) and took over LSU for the start of my 5th season, and am still have a blast.

The computer completes maybe 1 long ball a game...2 if they have a stud...same for me...and trust me we both toss at least 3-4.

Blocking is great for me. The key is to stay in the pocket. You run around and you are dead. I prefer to roll out but only if the DE slants inside, otherwise he will crush you because your OT is basically blocking him towards you.

I love the fact that the computer can score at a moments notice on me. It's college...big plays are part of college. It doesn't happen every game but I've seen them take a draw play to the house, a short screen, even just a regular out pattern and my CB whiffs going for the pick. That's how it should be, especially when going against talented players. If they have a 99 RB or WR I except him to score and look forward to stopping him.
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