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Old 02-11-2008, 06:20 PM   #9
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Re: The Option

I would say I use the option about 5-10% of the time. Right now I don't have a fast QB but that is not really a deterrent. When I did have a fast QB, I still used it probably no more than 10-15% of the time. Online, I might use it a bit more, but it depends on whether my opponent is using cheese.
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Re: The Option

I would use it from time to time. Sad thing is, that it was the most reliable play in the playbook. If it was 3rd and 8, and I needed the first, an option would be in my top 5 play calls. I wish the CPU understood how to handle the option. A lot of the times they just have one mission: tackle the QB, while they turn the RB loose. If the coverage was man on man, and you were running to a side of the field where there were no WRs pre snap, the odds were pretty high you could get at least 7 yards. I still use it though, when down by 3 against a rival, I just can't seem to deny myself the option.
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Re: The Option

I have played three long dynasties in this years game. I agree that the option is cheating. House rules in our dynasty is no option to the side of the field where there is no outside force player --- which means you cant run option to a side where you motion to WR away from the playside or where you have no WR on the playside to begin with. (TE, RB dont count --- has to be WR). You can still run option this way, but long plays only happen on good reads or when you break some tackles. Has been very effective in making the game way more realistic.
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Re: The Option

Way too easy to get outside on the option. I really hope EA works on this because I love old school offenses and would love to be able to run it without it being a cakewalk.
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