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Re: NCAA Football 09 announced for Wii

Originally Posted by Gamecocks625
That's what it will likely be. Actually, it will probably be based off of the PS2 version but with a little more graphical polish if history is correct.
Yeah I'm still bitter they didn't go one more year on the Xbox1. the PS2 version of NCAA has always looked a bit more grainy than the XBox1 version. Hopefully the Wii version will be based off that engine will look that little bit better than the PS2 version like the Xbox1 version always did...I'm upset because there were some glaring bugs on the ps2 / xbox1 NCAA 08 that weren't fixed. (like CPU not missing field goals, even with the CPU accuracy slider down to 0)

From a quality standpoint, the fact that the last Xbox1 game had this issue in it in 07 and 08 and they never even fixed it, and will not be releasing an 09 version is sad. But I realize the Xbox1 does not have the longevity that the ps2 has from a development money making standpoint.

Hopefully EA Canada will really tailor the game to the Wii, so that they take the best things about the ps2 / xbox1 games and transition to the Wii. The Wii does not have the graphics capabilities than the 360 and the PS3 do, so yeah it makes sense to stick with the last-gen engine when developing this game for Wii...

I'd be cool if they allowed you to do manual laterals and options. Like hold down the a button and flick the Wii-mote or Nunchuck in a specific direction...if you aim the flick in the wrong direction, your lateral / option will go wide and possibly be a fumble. Ok, I might be dreaming here and maybe it would be frustrating but with the right programming it could be done...

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Re: NCAA Football 09 announced for Wii

I'm very excited they are making NCAA 09 for the Wii, but I'm not expecting much. Hopefully since EA has made a couple years of Madden, they will at least have a decent head-start on this one. I'm honestly just hoping for a dynasty mode and updated rosters. Other than that, I'll take what I get. The first game in all the Wii series so far have been majorly stripped.
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