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Re: Helmet Stickers

yeah, they are there in dynasty mode but they are done incredibly poorly and very hard to see at times. I too thought they were left out only to see them at certain angles. I thought in past games they actually use to tell you how many each guy had on his helmet with a number on the player's screen. maybe that will be a NG feature return in 2012 if we are lucky! Not holding my breath though...
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Re: Helmet Stickers

This is strange because I see the stickers just fine. For those of you who can't see the stickers for your players, can you see them for the other team (IE. Fist playing as MSU, can you see OSU's stickers)? Maybe this is a bug where you can only not see your own.

I play on the 360 on a 65" Mitsubishi HDTV without an HDMI port and I very clearly see the stickers for Ohio State and Michigan State when I play them in my dynasty. Purdue's are harder to see in game, but I can see them too. I haven't played Georgia or FSU so I don't know about them.

I played MSU in week #7 of 2009 (IE. fairly early in the season) and I saw their stickers then. When I played OSU at the end of 2008, players like Beanie Wells had helmets completely full of stickers and even their O-Lineman had a few stickers on them (meaning I could see both helmets full of them and helmets with only a few).
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