This game needs to be on the PC

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This game needs to be on the PC

I know all this is going to do is break down into a PC vs. Console war, and there's nothing any of us can do about it other than be mature in the conversation. Anyway, here it goes.....

Its releases like NCAA 09 that drive me crazy when it comes to EA Sports total lack of support for the PC platform. PC games of course often ship with problems, just like console games do now. But you see the difference is, on PC, these problems can actually be worked on/fixed by the community as well, due to the modding ability of PC Gaming.

This year we're all having problems with many things that could most definitely be fixed if there were a PC version of the game. Sliders, defensive awareness, QB ability, etc, all things that can be fixed in PC versions of games due to the modding ability. Anyone who has played Madden on the PC knows of football-freaks.com and the work those guys do to virtually transform Madden into a brand new game. And of course the legendary work that has been done on MVP 2005. And it goes on and on.

EA Sports, I just don't get it. Your company is beyond huge. You don't offer Take 2 a couple billion cash and then get to cry that it's not worth it to release your games on one more platform, THE platform in many peoples eyes. I mean for crying out loud Madden and NCAA are released on every damn platform in existence, minus the PC. And it makes absolutely zero sense. You claim that the software sales do not support continuing these titles. When was the last time the PC version was actually treated like the PC version, rather than a port of the PS2?? I wish they would just give it a ONE YEAR chance to release Madden & NCAA on the PC, with the upgraded, Xbox 360 engine/experience. Those games would sell, and they would sell damn good. How can you know if you don't even try?

EA Sports, please. Give us one, ONE YEAR of Madden, NCAA, and NHL Hockey on the PC with the Xbox 360 version as the port. Not only would the game sell, but then the community could even get involved in helping with providing fixes to the bugs in the game. Do you go to football-freaks.com? Do you see the dedication, the talent, and the desire for more? Like I said, you come out with one year of all of those games updated for this generation, and let's see what happens. If they don't sell up to snuff for you, then go ahead. Stop making them and you won't hear another word out of me. But all I ask for is a chance.

Oh and before anyone decides to fight back with "I want to play a sports game on the couch," PLEASE remember that computers can very easily be hooked up to HDTV's. I have my PC hooked up to my 46" 1080p Bravia LCD, and it looks unbelievable. And yes, I use an Xbox 360 controller, on my couch. Crazy talk I know, but it IS achievable.
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