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NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

This is not a thread for flaming issues in the game this is a tread for discussing new features that you would like to have in the game. Here's my wishlist

- The ability to sort ratings by conference
- Bigger audible playbooks so that you can run a hurry up offense with your full playbook if your playing as a team like Tennessee and Auburn.
- Team Sliders. Like what Choops and nba 2k8 has. Let us be able to set how much teams use the option, blitz, hurry up and that kind of thing outside of dynasty mode.
- Recruiting tendencies like in choops where you can select which kind of players teams will target.
-Custom Playbooks
- Coaching tendencies outside of dynasty mode
- The ability to edit ratings inside of dynasty mode.
- More over/underthrows
- Botched Snaps, bad routes and all other ugly things in real life ncaa football.
- The ability to have teams like Texas Tech have all of their receivers have option routes to get open like they do in real life.
- A chemistry rating. If you have a bunch of freshman and new starters starting make your team not be as good because they don't blend as well as a upperclassman unit.
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

Better play calling by the cpu - less screen plays, less qb options, a general idea of what is working and what is not for the cpu offense so it can go back to things that are working for it, better play selection when winning (more time wasting plays, less risky passes), better decisions on 4th down, takes into account the fg slider when deciding to kick a fg (with low fg slider, the cpu still thinks it can kick a 57 yard fg)

Cpu ball carrier that does not juke for no reason giving up yards.

Cpu ball carrier that has 360 degrees of movement for cuts so it can get to and through holes better.

Cpu qb that recognizes out routes near the sideline are risky.

Cpu qb that reognizes down and distance when deciding who to throw to.

AI WR and defenders that do not automatically and instantly adjust to bad passes.

I suppose those aren't new 'features' but if they ain't in the game next year, I ain't buying the game.

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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

This is dkrauses but it should be in here too

"If EA was going to try this, the easier direction would be to have the defense and offensive formations outside of the dyansty mode- which they should be. Along with coach and strategies. But then the depth chart and position for that team would be based off the formation chosen under coaches. So a 3-4 would have 2 MLB areas. Or a 3-3-5 would have a rover area, etc. This would be the easist way to do this."
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

I always like the "Create A Team" feature from past years.

And PLEASE fix the Special Teams
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

- More sliders like razr said. Not only more gameplay and AI sliders but sliders to adjust RB1 and RB2 carries like in Madden and a QB sliders for teams that play both QBs in certain situations or teams that just shuffle QBs like Tenn did a a few years ago with Ainge and Claussen.

- Sim games make more sense. If I am GA Tech and run the option 75% of the time. My stats should reflect it, so if I beat Alabama St. 54-10, my QB should not have 5 TD passes. Also, at the end of the year, he shouldn't have 25 TD passes and 2 INTs when he only threw 190 passes.

- More Recruiting sim options along with smarter AI recruiter. I hope I'm not the only one, but every year around week 5. Recruiting becomes boring and a pain, but I have to keep doing it because the AI is moronic and loses all of the recruits that I wanted. More options would allow me to specify what recruits I wanted recruited heavily and also what caliber of recruits to add to the board when spots open up. If I am the 4th ranked team in the nation and I sim for 6 wks, I should not open up my recruiting board and find 13 1-star recruits ready to visit.

- Bring back the I-AA teams or whatever they are called now. I don't care if they create all of their stadiums perfectly. Give them all a generic stadium to play in, just make sure their unis are correct. I just like to know I'm playing Grambling St. instead of FCS South.

- Have all of the freaking alternate uniforms. I remember one NCAA game when Oregon had like 7 alternate unis. Now they have four. What happened? My PS3 should be able to handle all of the uniforms plus the alternate helmets like Oregon's white and yellow ones plus the throwbacks that Florida and Miami sometimes wear. Not to mention that the Katrina unis that LSU wore last year were awesome.

- This one is just a personal favorite, but I liked the Percentage expenditures associated with Discipline, Recruiting, and Training on the last gen systems. I liked running a Miami program with no discipline and bailing to another top notch school when the bottom finally fell out and the program was suspended for two years. Speaking of suspensions, I want suspensions for my players. Didn't go to study hall, 1 QTR suspension! Fail a drug test, your off the team!

- One thing that pisses me off in dynasty mode is when I lead Buffalo to an 8-5 season and a New Orleans bowl win in my 2nd season as head coach, Georgia and Florida St. would not send me job offers. This is not realistic; however, New Mexico and San Jose St. might would send me a job offer if they just came off a 2-10 season. Then when I take New Mexico to an undefeated season, I think more teams than just Florida St. and Georgia might want my coaching services. More like 5-10 teams.

I might have more of this later.
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

-I wish we had this facemask style
  • I wish the teams would warm up before the game. ( Even if it is animated ) or you could do warm up drills, and depending on how good you do it determines how hot or cold you are to start off the game. And at the end of the game have celebrations. ( I think 07 had it )
  • More commentary. I think they pretty much used last years commentary this year. Im tired off " AARP says, pick this play " I know it would be probaly hard but i dont like how they say the score ( Ohio state............38 Michigan..............14 ) Also what would be nice is when a player gets hurt, a couple of plays later have some later talk about the injury and when he will be back.
  • Also, during recruiting, if you recruit a 3 star recruit and he ends up being a 85 OVR. Kind of a ' needle in a haystack' or a draft steal if u get what i mean.
  • Weather that effects the game play.
  • I liked the ' little fights' they had in this game. Maybe if two huge school rivals played and through out the game they had little battles ( Like between the CB and the WR or DL VS OL ) I dont think the universities would like that though lol
  • Also what i just thought of would be when a player receiving a huge hit, his helmet would fly off. and they should also make mouthguards that the players could take out and put back back in.
  • And if your team is kind of sucking, instead of the stadium filled up, only half of the fans show up.
  • Formation subs
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

I would like the ability to have full rosters, not just the 70 that we have now. FBS has 85 scholarship players, and even the "lesser" teams have enough walkons to have 100+. To that end, revamp both recruiting and recruit promises to allow for teams to offer preferred walkon status, as well as walkon first year w/ the promise of a scholarship next year. You could even allow for greyshirts, where you gamble a scholarship offer next year on a player that needs to get their grades up this year. If they make the grades (some random diceroll in the background), they show up as a hard commit immediately after the season ends.

These things exist in real FBS football, and should exist in EAs version.
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Re: NCAA 2010 Wishlist Thread

1. Full set of sliders for off, def, (THAT WORK)
2. Uniform/Stadium Editor
3. Defensive AI (Someone forgot to add to 09)
4. Formation Subs (Special Team Depth Chart atleast)
5. Playbook creator/Play Creator
6. Team Entrances
7. Celebrations (NC, Conference Champs, Big Games)
8. Bigger Rivalry Games (Bigger hits, Louder Crouds)
9. Momentum Meter, or something like it
10. Spring Practice/Spring Game/Drills
11. Coaching Carousel
12. Keep all the good things from 09 (Stadium sounds)
13. Pass rush
In no particular order.
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