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Re: Major Penalty Bug

Remember don’t confuse the NFL with college an High School. From the NCAA rule book:

Extension of Periods
ARTICLE 3. A period shall be extended until a down (other than a try),
free from live-ball fouls not penalized as dead-ball fouls, has been played
when: a. A penalty is accepted for a live-ball foul(s) not penalized as a dead-ball
foul that occurs during a down in which time expires (Exception: Rule
10-2-2-g-1) (A.R. 3-2-3-I-VIII).

So if the penalty is accepted on the offense (which it was to take away the score) the down must be replayed as an untimed down.

On the inc pass the clock should have started on the snap. The action that caused the clock to stop was the inc not the penalty, therefore inc pass clock starts at the snap. Even if the clock started since the Def accepted the penalty you must have an untimed down. The NFL is the one with the crazy run off the clock rule.

Here is the link to the NCAA rule book

Here is an example from the rule book.

Time expires during Team A’s run for a touchdown after A70 fouls
at the snap or clips during the down. RULING: Penalty—Five yards
from the previous spot or 15 yards from the basic spot, the period
is extended. Fifteen yards from the previous spot, if the foul occurs
behind the neutral zone.

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Re: Major Penalty Bug

If the offense has no timeouts in a late game situation and an offensive penalty is called, then the clock starts (in the NFL it's a 10 second run-off then the clock stops again). It's a similar rule change to the way a team with an injury in the last 2 minutes must call timeout.
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Re: Major Penalty Bug

I think both are correct actually. Your pass may have been incomplete, but there was no play, because of the penalty. If the clock was running before this play, it should resume on the ready for play. Your pass wasn't incomplete because there was no pass, because it's still whatever down it was before the play, which means that play didn't happen. The 10 second runoff is for the NFL only, to prevent people from committing penalties to stop the clock on purpose. If the clock was stopped when that play was run, then it should've stayed stopped.

I do once recall an NFL game ended where a team completed a hail mary into the end zone, but was called for offensive pass interference. Penalty accepted, game over. Untimed downs only apply to defensive penalties as far as anything I've ever been told. I've never seen a quarter extended from an offensive penalty.
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Re: Major Penalty Bug

I don't think EA can keep up with all the year to year NCAA rule changes. Perhaps there should just be a running clock. Perhaps the clock should run through even an incomplete pass. Perhaps they should just go into overtime from the start.

Every year the clock runs more. There is less football. perhaps EA changed the clock mechanics so much it just runs all the times even in scenarios where it doesn't. It's ridiculous. There are so many bugs in next-gen football it's ridiculous. I've given up on EA.
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Re: Major Penalty Bug

Has anyone else had any issues with penalties at the end of games? I tested out a defensive at the end of a game last night and it seemed to play out correctly with the offense having an untimed down.

Tovarich, the play does count on the incompletion. If it did not, then the clock would be reset to the time before the penalty - which it never is because every play that is run is counted - the only exceptions are pre-snap penalties where the game clock IS reset.
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