OMT or Future, where's our FIELD DEGRADATION??

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Re: OMT or Future, where's our FIELD DEGRADATION??

Well it is safe to say it is another broken feature of NCAA 09. If you take a pic of the first quarter field and then again in the 4th quarter you will notice it is the same.

There is no subtle difference, and if it was designed to look this subtle then why even put the feature in when you can't even tell it is there and working???

Well adam, since this won't get fixed this year. All I can hope is you all fix it for next year. It is a stretch since alot of things asked don't get addressed (chain gang, refs, been years and years of asking for this).

Just one more thing that brings down the whole quality of the product. Combine all these small things such as no refs, no chain gang, no field degrading, not working sliders, robo qb, jerky animations, some frame rate issues with replays from certain angles, broken zone coverage, poor pursuit angles, ect.

You have a great game and it could have been one of the first football games to rival the 2k series. But all these small issues lead to looking very poorly tested.
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Re: OMT or Future, where's our FIELD DEGRADATION??

Originally Posted by Ace_437
So take the game back and shut the **** up.
you sir, are a complete moron. u cant take back open software at 90% of retail stores except for exchange of the same item. you may only trade it in for a ripoff at gamestop,game crazy, others that give u 50% of the value if your lucky.

the whole point is what next will be advertised by EA throughout the next year to wet your palette for the next years installment, get you to go spend your hard earned $60, then open and play it only to wind up here on these forums to find out WTF happened to such feature that made u believe u should buy this game.

the whole EA's statement isnt even holding true..."if its in the game, its in the game." hell nowadays...if its advertised and even on the game box, it may not be on the game at all or functioning. not good...

PS...OMT or whoever else at EA reads this. we should not have to rent your games to prove what u said is in the game actually made it on the game and is working properly or wasnt "scaled back" from all the promo videos sent out! borderline bait and switch.

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Re: OMT or Future, where's our FIELD DEGRADATION??

Originally Posted by OMT
Yeah, that was really bad on 08 and we improved the now games for 09. We'll be getting new tech for 10 called Lynx to do better field effects like Madden has.
looking forward to it.. thanks OMT for all the responses. obviously all us are qualified game designers and know how easy it is to produce a new game.. Games like Gears of War and Halo need ~2 years for new releases when you all have half the time to do a release and still you all add new features/effects/animations/player models/stadiums/sounds/more realistic AI..etc..etc.. and make it better every year.. all while having a major deadline (unlike many other games who can delay if needed). anyways, i appreciate the effort and i am thoroughly enjoying the game.. as i do every year..

(sorry for the small rant, I just manage a small business myself and know how it is to feel under appreciated after so much hard work.)
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