Pay 60$ and Wait Sucks

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Re: Pay 60$ and Wait Sucks

Originally Posted by mhomes24
How do you sim defense buddy? I mean, if their is no defense that you can call to stop the CPU pass (and EA admits that the Zone coverages are broken) and you can't controll all the Defensive players on the field at the same time then how are we to get a good sim experience?? Yea you can slow them down and let them dink and dunk you until they kick a field goal and I can take a CB and shut down one of their WR (maybe two if I switch quickly enough) all game but they will inevitabley check the ball down and take their 5 yrds. all they way up the field. You don't see that at reall college games. I even saw a thread on here that said to only play man defense and you would see better results. Well that is sad that I have to cut out 50% of my Def. playbook just to see negligible results. And you can forget about blitzes that pressures the QB because that stone wall of and Offensive line playing for Northern Illinois is sure to shut down Georgia LB's everytime. And I know what you will say. I am not good or I should turn down the difficulty but you have to play on Heisman to hold yourself back from scoring in the 80s everygame. Its enough to drive me to drinkin

There are actually slider sets out there that work pretty well. Do some research.

I am averaging 4.5 sacks per game in my dynasty. That is a very realistic number of sacks. No its not like int he past where you can just blitz and speed rush and get a sack every other play. Now you have to mix up your coverages, shift formations, and vary things around. But it is possible to play defense in this game and play it well.
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Re: Pay 60$ and Wait Sucks

wow I really do suck at this game then....I can't seem to score to save my life. Nothing works! maybe i'm so used to not having any blocking so i get passess off way too early.
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Re: Pay 60$ and Wait Sucks

i agree with the OP. i really dont think EA test these games
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