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Re: Academic Prestige in dynasty...

I would propose that, rather than lock it, penalize the Academic Prestige of colleges which consistently recruit players who have poor academics (I've always assumed awareness = academics, but perhaps a separate GPA factor for all recruits that's more likely to be higher for lower caliber players). Schools with higher academic prestige could be set to, depending on the coach's recruiting style (and/or the Athletic Director), always recruit student-athletes first, ignore academics and try to build the program by any means possible, or fall somewhere in the middle. If this variable were tied to coaches, perhaps a CPU-controlled coach could switch their recruiting philosophy mid-dynasty if he felt like he was on the hot seat.
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Re: Academic Prestige in dynasty...

Academic prestige should be locked. Either that or have a ridiculously low chance of changing. I seriously doubt Charlie Weis has much influence on Notre Dame's curriculum. Academic prestige is not tied to it's athletic programs.

I always thought it was funny how Ty Willingham used to get so much credit because his players all graduated... he had coached at Notre Dame and Stanford... what coach at those schools DIDN'T graduate their players??!
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Re: Academic Prestige in dynasty...

Originally Posted by ycbs
So, by this logic, if I have an Elite rating for Championship Contender and I have a team full of awesome players who all had Championship Contender as their Least important pitch, my Championship Contender rating should fall. If I have an awesome, championship contending team, that's what they are, players' recruiting interest be damned. Same goes for all the other pitches. Because he doesn't care about Television Exposure, I'm not going to be on TV as much??
Some work with my logic, i guess I generalized to much. In any case, it works with me in regards to Academics and I'm sticking to it. May just be lucky coincidence, but it worked (Haven't went through a whole recruiting period in 09 yet, this is 08 experience for me)

I don't think things should be locked. No way, that just sets the game back as far as building a program. Look I know the athletic program doesn't factor the colleges' academics or other things, however at the same time if you want to build a team that contends while putting a lot in academics then it's sort of an influence on how the school as a whole is moving towards academics... This isn't President of College 09 or anything, but Dynasty Mode should be somewhat involved rather than recruiting 4.19 speed and not worry a lick about academics, athletic facilities, etc.

I look at those things like fan base, academics, athletic facilities as an influence on the college as a whole even if in the real world it might not be the case.
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Re: Academic Prestige in dynasty...

When does the game determine if your prestige goes up or down? Is it when you advance to the Pre-Season? I would like to know, because I am tired of my Academic Prestige going down years into my dynasties... in particular for schools whose academic prestige is actually increasing in real life (UNLV for example).
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