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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

Wow, missing almost half the season and played the other half with an injury!

I'm excited to see the numbers I can put up this year if I stay healthy! Broken ribs...seriously, how do you play with that?!
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

I really wish I could transfer or something. Oh well. Guess I'm stuck at Georgia. Maybe my rating will be high enough to still get drafted or something.
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

k, im back, sorry for the short delay...season 3 stats wil lbe up today
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

Season's over, sorry it took soooo long, but will get a couple of seasons tonight. Here are the goodies:

Marquis Marquette-28 rushes, 162 yds, 0 td, 5 btk, 1 fum, 19 rec, 308 yds,
4 tds, 107 YAC, 23 KR, 616 yds, 4 PR, 17 yds
Allstate Bowl:1 rush, -2 yds, 2 rec, 14 yds, 2 YAC, 3 KR, 61 yds,
Texas 38 at Cal 7
Season Review: Cal has returned to a national power and seems like it is going to peek next year when Marquette finally gets the starting job.

Tim Sanchez Jr.-217 rushes, 1,121 yds, 14 tds, 28 btk, 1 fum, 24 rec,
388 yds, 4 tds, 170 YAC, 1 drop
Capital One Bowl: 13 rush, 73 yds, 2 tds, 3 btk, 5 rec, 73 yds, 12 YAC,
Florida 24 at Ohio State 48
Season Review: A solid first year as the starting HB for Florida. Should be a main candidate next year for the Heisman.

Lucas Law-77 rec, 1,107 yds, 11 tds, 496 YAC, 3 drops, 1 rush, 2 yds, 2 fum,
8 KR, 258 yds, 15 PR, 198 yds
Capital One Bowl: 4 rec, 47 yds, 21 YAC, 1 drop, 2 KR, 51 yds, 2 PR,
21 yds, Florida 24 at Ohio State 48
Season Review: Hands down the best WR CAP of the year. Could possibly go pro? But if he stays will be a leading candidate for a bunch of awards.

Russell Payne-189.8 rating, 145/214, 2,158 yds, 26 tds, 3 int, 13 sacks,
28 rushes, 56 yds, 1 td, 4 btk
ACC Championship Game: N/A, Florida State 12 at VA Tech 7
National Championship Game: N/A, Florida State 45 at Georgia 7
Season Review: I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM...Was rated 3rd on the Heisman list going into week 8 and suddenly it was over. He broke his elbow in the week 8 game and was out for the season. Will be number one Heisman candidate if he stays another year. Could go pro just as easy.

Michael Norred-N/A.
SEC Championship Game: N/A, Georgia 33 at LSU 26 (OT)
National Championship Game: N/A, Florida State 45 at Georgia 7
Season Review: Got to enjoy the ride to the National Championship Game but never saw any action at all this year, and remains the only CAP to not play yet.

Robert Bolig Jr.-36 tackles, 9 tfl, 3 sacks, 4 defl, 1 f fum
Chick-fil-a Bowl-3 tackles, LSU 24 at Miami 14
Season Review: Saw some good time as the 2nd DT on the team. Should be a huge factor his SR year.

Mike Snider-68 rec, 954 yds, 10 td, 505 YAC, 5 drops, 1 rush, 5 yds
Rose Bowl: 2 rec, 52 yds, 1 td, 26 YAC, 1 drop, Michigan 28 at USC 38
Season Review: Had an outstanding year as the Wolverines came up just short in the Rose Bowl. Will be a dominate force next year.

Cameron Scott-156.4 rating, 238/354, 2,935 yds, 27 tds, 10 int, 26 sacks,
44 rushes, -28 yds, 1 td, 2 btk
Insight Bowl: 21/31 141 yds, 3 td, 2 int, 2 sack, 4 rush, -1 yds
South Carolina 21 at Michigan State 38
Season Review:Is improving every year it seems and even got a bowl win this year. Will most likely stay for his SR year but as one of the most experinced QBs in the NCAA could go pro.

Ben Trogden-173.3 rating, 285/406, 3,490 yds, 41 tds, 5 int, 22 sacks,
41 rush, 49 yds, 1 td, 1 btk, 1 fum
Orange Bowl: 23/30, 267 yds, 2 td, 0 int, 1 sack,3 rush, 7 yds,
Notre Dame 58 at USF 7
Season Review:An absolutely crazy good year for Trogden. He has single handedly brought pride and glory back to South Bend. Will in all likelyhood enter the NFL draft this year. If he doesn't, watch out Heisman.

Kenny Easley-7 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 defl, 1 f fum
Orange Bowl: 1 tackle, 1 f fum, Notre Dame 58 at USF 7
Season Review: Saw very limited action in the Orange Bowl run this year. Will play major role next year.

DeSean Thomas-165.8 rating, 246/388, 3,531 yds, 39 tds, 14 int, 31 sacks,
53 rushes, 49 yds, 1 td, 5 btk, 1 fum
Cotton Bowl: 14/24, 206 yds, 2 td, 2 int, 4 sacks, 4 rish, -12 yds,
Tennessee 25 at Oklahoma 17
Season Review: Cotton Bowl loss is dissapointing for Thomas, but overall had a monster season. Another CAP that could turn pro but will contend for Heisman if he doensn't.

Brandon Jackson-63 rec, 755 yds, 10 tds, 347 YAC, 3 drops, 2 rush, 17 yds,
3 fum, 16 KR, 364 yds, 11 PR, 70 yds
Alamo Bowl: 1 KR, 61 yds, Buffalo 3 at Penn St. 31
Season Review:A good year and all but was expecting more from him, especially after last years injury ridden season. Needs to come out big next year to make the pro jump.

Guadalupe Hidalgo-54 tackles, 9 tfl, 2 sacks, 3 int, 9 int yds, 6 defl,
2 fum rec,
Alamo Bowl: 3 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 defl, 1 fum rec, Buffalo 3 at Penn St. 31
Season Review: Defensive CAP of the year award. He finally got to start and proved he was long overdue. Pro maybe? Maybe not?

Dallas Melendez-56 rec, 742 yds, 3 tds, 307 YAC, 1 drop, 1 rush, 7 yds,
32 KR, 759 yds, 22 PR, 208 yds
Meineke Car Care Bowl: 5 rec, 162 yds, 1 KR, 46 yds, 1 PR, 5 yds,
Clemson 20 at Pitt 43
Season Review:Solid season for the defending champs and Melendez. Will make AA next year if he stays in the NCAA, which he most likey will.

Dan Griffin-66 rec, 767 yds, 7 tds, 401 YAC, 5 drops, 2 rush, 20 yds, 1 btk,
16 KR, 440 yds, 1 td, 3 PR, 24 yds
Insight Bowl: 1 rec, 4 yds, 3 YAC, 1 KR, 13 yds,
South Carolina 21 at Michigan St. 38
Season Review:Finally got good time and put up good numbers. Dissaspointing season for the Gamecocks, but Snider will turn that around next year.

Shawn Porter-78 rushes, 574 yds, 7 tds, 31 btk, 22 rec, 302 yds, 3 tds,
105 YAC, 1 KR, 18 yds, 6 PR, 39 yds
Cotton Bowl: 1 rush, 10 yds, 2 rec, 40 yds, 8 YAC,
Tennessee 25 at Oklahoma 17
Season Review: Ok, he is a beast that is not being played. When he is in he dominates, and next year, he starts, so look out for him in the Heisman race and over 100 broken tackles???

Ben Babtist-32 tackles, 3 tfl, 3 int, 19 int yds, 10 defl, 2 fum rec, 1 td
Cotton Bowl: 2 tackles, 1 defl, Tennessee 25 at Oklahoma 17
Season Review: Continued to stay right on pace that he has his whole career thus far. Will more than likey return for SR season but could enter draft with all that experience.

Captain Richardson-64 rec, 755 yds, 4 tds, 288 YAC, 4 drops,
27 KR, 571 yds, 35 PR, 305 yds
Gator Bowl: 6 rec, 43 yds, 13 YAC, 4 KR, 90 yds, 2 PR, 19 yds,
West Virginia 36 at Virginia 15
Season Review: These stats seem to be average for our CAP WRs this year. He did well in a season that had the Cavs go to the Gator Bowl. Another CAP that needs to shine next year to further his career.

Brett Gallo-27 tackles, 2 tfl, 3 int, 25 int yds, 5 defl, 1 f fum
Outback Bowl: 1 tackle, 1 defl, Alabama 28 at Wisconsin 35
Season Revier:As with Babtist, Gallo had an almost identical season to his past seasons. Staying in the NCAA makes him a shut down CB next year.

Here are the season ending extras:
Team Records and Ranking in ()
(1) Florida State 14-0
(3) Notre Dame 12-1
(4) Georgia 13-1
(6) Michigan 12-1
(10) Cal 11-2
(11) Wisconsin 11-2
(12) Tennessee 10-3
(13) Florida 10-3
(17) Penn State 10-3
(19) Oklahoma 10-3
(25) Miami 9-4
Virginia 9-4
Pittsburgh 8-5
Michigan State 8-5
South Carolina 6-7

Heisman Race/Winner (in order):
HB #39-Texas
HB #21-Oklahoma
HB #32-Wisconsin
QB #6-Georgia
QB #7-Texas

Season Awards:
Guadalupe Hidalgo-2nd team AA, 1 st team Big Ten
Mike Snider-1st team Big ten
Brandon Jackson-2nd team Big Ten
Brett Gallo-2nd team Big Ten
DeSean Thomas-2nd team Big 12, 10th place in O'Brien Award
Dallas Melendez-1st team Big East (KR)
Ben Trogden-1st team Independents
Tim Sanchez Jr.-2nd team SEC
Ben Babtist-2nd team SEC
Russell Payne-12th place in O'Brien Award

Great Season everyone. Now it gets interesting with some CAPs probably making the jump to the NFL (Madden). Payne would of gotten CAP of the year at the pace he was on, congrats on the National Title btw, but Trogden takes the CAP of the year award hands down. Look for 3-5 CAPs in the Heisman race at years end next year,pending they stay in the NCAA.
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

We have 4 CAPs that have entered the draft. Here they are and the outlook on their draft, where they wind up, etc. To keep things as real as possible I have actually saved the previous draft classes, imported to madden too, so it is 3 years later in madden as well.

Lucas Law-JR-WR-Projected to go in the 4th round. His comparison player is Dwayne Bowe. With the 115th pick in the 4th round the Arizona Cardinals select, Lucas Law. Signed a 3yr, 3.30 million dollar contract with 450K signing bonus.

Mike Snider-JR-WR-Entered the draft way to early and as a result, his football career has ended. Wasn't on the draft board.

Brandon Jackson-JR-WR-A surprise entrance in the draft i thought, and an even bigger surprise that his football playing days are over. He wasn't even on the draft board.

Ben Babtist-JR-CB-Another player that had a good NCAA career but as a result of going pro too early will retire from the game as he wasn't on draft board.

Pre-season time. for the first time, OVR in ():
(70)Lucas Law-WR-Arizona Cardinals-He is the lone CAP this year in Madden, and is listed 5th on the depth chart. Could be in for a short career if he doesn't show something in the pre-season.

Pre season time again, and here are the new recruits, class rank in ():

(2) Penn State-0 FS, the job is all Hidalgo's.
(3) Georgia-5 star QB and 4 star QB, will hopefully not affect Norred.
(5) Wisconsin-3 star CB, means little to Gallo.
(7) Florida State-0 QBs, like it would have mattered.
(13) Notre Dame-5 star FS and 4 star FS could mean trouble for Easley.
(15) South Carolina 3 star WR means nothing to Griffin.
(16) Miami-3 star DT to play alongside Boling Jr.
(17) Florida-0 HB.
(20) Tennessee-5 star HB wont affect Porter.
(21) Oklahoma-4 star QB to learn from Thomas.
(22) Cal-3 star HB wont bother Marquette.
(34) Pittsburgh-2, 3 star WRs learn from Melendez.
(37) Michigan State- 0 QBs.
(39) Virginia-4 star WR plays well alongside Richardson.

Depth Chart to begin the season:

(91)-SR-Marquis Marquette-Cal-HB-Finally gets his dues at HB. Will have an awesome season in my opinion and lead the Bears to a solid bowl.

(98)-JR(RS)-Tim Sanchez Jr.-Florida-HB-Will be a top Heisman candidate this year for the Gators.

(97)-JR-Russell Payne-Florida State-QB-If he can stay injury free will be the front runner for heisman.

(88)-JR(RS)-Michael Norred-Georgia-QB-Will definately see his first playing time this year as 2nd string QB. If the JR QB in front of him goes pro after this year he will have one year to prove he belongs in the NFL.

(93)-SR-Robert Bolig Jr.-Miami-DT-Should be one of the more dominate DTs in the NCAA. Can he go pro?

(94)-JR-Cameron Scott-Michigan State-QB-One more season for the 4 year starter. Will it be enough to show the scouts he belongs in the NFL?

(91)-JR(RS)-Ben Trogdon-Notre Dame-QB-Hard to believe he is only a JR. After 2 unbelievable seasons i thought he was NFL bound. He is sticking around for a shot at the NC and the Heisman.

(95)-JR(RS)-Kenny Easely-Notre Dame-FS-I thought for sure FS #30 would go pro, but he didn't, leaving Easley with only his SR year to prove he is NFL worthy. He is the best backup in the NCAA, he will dominate next year.

(99)-SR-DeSean Thomas-Oklahoma-QB- A perfect 99 OVR means he will make a run for the Heisman. This season will determine which round he goes in the draft.

(96)-SR-Guadalupe Hidalgo-Penn State-SS-Probably the best defender out of the CAPs, he will be the best SS avaliable in the draft.

(94)-SR-Dallas Melendez-Pittsburgh-WR-Will go pro next year, but needs an awesome season to go in the frist round or two.

(89)-SR-Dan Griffin-South Carolina-WR-Needs a very good season to go pro. And i think he can do it no questions asked.

(90)-SR-Shawn Porter-Tennessee-HB-Finally the main man in Tennessee. Will make a run for the Heisman the way he catches the ball.

(87)-SR-Captain Richardson-Virginia-WR-The lowest rated CAP will need to have a huge season to get drafted in the spring.

(92)-SR-Brett Gallo-Wisconsin-CB-One of the most experienced CBs in the NCAA will be rewarded with a 1st round draft selection in my opinion.

Pre-season awards:
Tim Sanchez Jr.-1st team AA, 1st team SEC
Guadalupe Hidalgo-1st team AA, 1st team Big 10
Robert Bolig Jr.-2nd team ACC
Captain Richardson-1st team ACC (KR)
Brett Gallo-2nd team Big 10
DeSean Thomas-1st team Big 12
Dallas Melendez-2nd team Big East
Ben Trogden-1st team Independents, 2nd on Heisman list
Shawn Porter-2nd team SEC
Dan Griffin-2nd team SEC

Pre-season polls:
1 Florida State
3 Georgia
7 Notre Dame
9 Florida
10 Oklahoma
11 Tennessee
13 Wisconsin
15 Penn State
16 Cal
20 Miami
30 Virginia
36 Michigan State
37 Pittsburgh
48 South Carolina

Let the games begin!!!
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

Alright, the season is over and here are the most important stats ever:


Lucas Law-30 rec, 276 yds, 3 TD, 55 YAC, 3 drops, 27 KR, 686 yds, 1 PR,1yd
Season Review: I was not expecting that from Law at all...he did probably the best he could possibly do being the 5th string WR.

Season ending extras with rank in ():
Team record:
(20) Cardinals 7-9

NFL MVP (in order from 1st place to 5th):
QB #14 (from OU, our first year)-Bears
P. Rivers-Chargers

Draft special coming next update!


Marquis Marquette-220 rushes, 1,351 yds, 16 tds, 47 btk, 4 fum,
35 rec, 653 yds, 4 td, 451 YAC, 30 KR, 789 yds, 1 td, 44 PR, 512 yds
Brut Sun Bowl: 20 rush, 135 yds, 1 td, 6 btk,1 rec, 24 yds, 20 YAC, 4 KR, 73 yds, 1 PR, 2 yds, Cal 23 at Rutgers 38
Season Review: A phenomenal season, putting up Heisman numbers in my eyes. Should be an early round draft pick this spring.

Tim Sanchez Jr.-245 rushes, 1,549 yds, 20 tds, 45 btk, 2 fum,
36 rec, 608 yds, 10 tds, 287 YAC, 30 KR, 825 yds, 47 PR, 464 yds
SEC Championship Game: 17 rush, 60 yds, 1 btk, 7 rec, 114 yds, 1 td,
76 YAC, 2 KR, 25 yds, 3 PR, 12 yds, Florida 21 at Alabama 14
Sugar Bowl: 20 rush, 96 yds, 1 td, 4 btk, 1 fum,5 rec, 74 yds, 1 td,
30 YAC, 4 KR, 135 yds, 3 PR, 16 yds,Florida 38 at Notre Dame 31
Season Review: I knew he could win the Heisman! A top 5 pick possibly, unless he does the unthinkable and stays for his SR year.

Russell Payne-171.6 rating, 314/446, 3,915 yds, 45 tds, 13 int, 27 sacks,
50 rush, 50 yds, 2 tds, 6 btk
ACC Championship Game: 13/20, 2 tds, 1 int, 1 sack, 1 rush, -3 yds,
Florida State 38 at Georgia Tech 7
Orange Bowl: 29/37, 422 yds, 7 tds, 1 int, 3 sacks, 5 rush, 6 yds, 2 btk,
FSU 49 at Syracuse 31
Season Review: Great numbers in his SR year, and at his position should be drafted in the top 3 rounds easily.

Michael Norred-158.0 rating, 54/84, 623 yds, 8 tds, 0 ints, 2 sacks, 7 rush,
3 yds
SEC Championship Game: N/A, Georgia 33 at LSU 26 (OT)
Outback Bowl: N/A, Georgia 13 at Michigan 30
Season Review: Saw his first action this year and dang, when he was in he was good. If the QB ahead of him goes pro he has a year to lead the Bulldogs.

Robert Bolig Jr.-51 tackles, 22 tfl, 10 sacks, 1 defl, 1 f fum, 1 fum rec
Meineke Car Care Bowl: 5 tackles, 2 tfl, 1 sack, Miami 41 at USF 21
Season Review: Just as I thought, dominate numbers this year and should be one of the better DTs in the draft.

Cameron Scott-131.6 rating, 213/323, 2,219 yds, 15 tds, 12 int, 32 sacks,
59 rush, 8 yds, 1 td, 3 btk
Season Review:A horrible, horrible, senior season. He did not need this at all. It hurt what draft stock he had and will be lucky to get drafted.

Ben Trogden-161.6 rating, 275/411, 3,550 yds, 33 td, 9 int, 35 sacks,
51 rush, -21 yds, 1 td
Sugar Bowl: 17/26, 245 yds, 3 tds, 2 int, 5 sacks, 7 rush, -5 yds,
Florida 38 at Notre Dame 317
Season Review:The guy just keeps having good season after good season. Will be a top 10 pick if he declares.

Kenny Easley-2 tackles, 1 int, -1 int yds
Sugar Bowl: N/A, Florida 38 at Notre Dame 31
Season Review: Very little time this year. Look for a breakout season his SR year before jumping to the pros, and I guarantee he does.

DeSean Thomas-157.4 rating, 169/272, 2,182 yds, 26 tds, 5 int, 26 sacks,
42 rush, -1 yds, 3 btk, 1 fum
Holiday Bowl: N/A, Oklahoma 49 at Arizona 7
Season Review: OMG, (sorry bro) he broke his collarbone in week 11 and was out the rest of the season. Will definitely hurt his draft stock, but in my eyes will still be one of the top 5 QBs taken.

Guadalupe Hidalgo-40 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 int, 8 int yds, 6 defl, 1 f fum
Capital One Bowl: 1 tackle, Alabama 28 at Penn St. 31
Season Review: A great finish to a great NCAA career for him. Will be the top SS taken in the draft.

Dallas Melendez-71 rec, 814 yds, 4 tds, 368 YAC, 1 drop, 39 KR, 993 yds, 1 td
19 PR, 253 yds
Meineke Car Care Bowl: 5 rec, 162 yds, 1 KR, 46 yds, 1 PR, 5 yds,
Clemson 20 at Pitt 43
Season Review: Good numbers for the SR season, but might not be enough to get drafted. Only time will tell.

Dan Griffin-70 rec, 996 yds, 10 tds, 561 YAC, 7 drops, 36 KR, 826 yds,
21 PR, 199 yds
Auto Zone Liberty Bowl: 8 rec, 181 yds, 1 td, 60 YAC, 1 drop, 1 KR, 21 yds, 1 PR, 11 yds, SC 38 at Memphis 13
Season Review:Again, good numbers for him and his best season. Might get noticed but it is going to be rough.

Shawn Porter-134 rush, 853 yds, 9 tds, 25 btk, 2 fum, 18 rec, 220 yds, 2 tds,
151 YAC, 1 drop, 20 KR, 455 yds, 27 PR, 308 yds
National Championship Game: N/A, Tennessee 47 at BYU 7
Season Review: Oh no...another good season derailed by injury. He dislocated his elbow in week 14 and was expected to miss 10 weeks. He never played another game. Could still be drafted because of his position, but that injury could have just ended his career.

Captain Richardson-62 rec, 821 yds, 5 tds, 339 YAC, 3 drops, 1 rush, 2 yds,
1 fum, 43 KR, 974 yds, 17 PR, 264 yds, 1 td
Season Review: Just an average season for Captain. He could get drafted, but I think the CAP with the coolest name has just played his last down.

Brett Gallo-27 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 int, 34 int yds, 7 defl, 1 f fum, 1 fum rec
Rose Bowl: 1 tackle, Wisconsin 31 at UCLA 24
Season Revier:Another average season for Gallo as well. He might not have done enough to get drafted, but only time will tell.

Here are the season ending extras:
Team Records and Ranking in ()
(1) Tennessee 11-2
(2) Florida 12-2
(6) Oklahoma 11-2
(7) Florida State 12-2
(8) Notre Dame 11-2
(9) Wisconsin 12-1
(13) Miami 11-2
(15) Penn State 10-3
Cal 9-4
South Carolina 8-5
Georgia 8-5
Pittsburgh 5-7
Michigan State 4-8
Virginia 2-10

Heisman Race/Winner (in order):
HB Lira Sanchez Jr.-Florida
QB S. Merritt-Texas
HB #20 USC
QB #12 Fresno State
HB #23 Texas

Season Awards:
Robert Bolig Jr.-1st team AA, 1st team ACC, 5th place Lombardi award,
Captain Richardson- 1st team ACC (KR)
Marquise Marquette-2nd team PAC 10, 10th place Maxwell award, 5th place Walker award, 1st place best Returner
Dallas Melendez-1st team Big East (KR), 10th place best Returner
Ben Trogden-1st team Independents
Tim Sanchez Jr.-Heisman winner, 1 st team AA, 1 st team SEC, 2nd place Maxwell award, 1st place Walker award, 9th place best Returner

Good end to alot of college careers...did you make the NFL? Find out in the draft special coming up next. Sanchez Jr. the first CAP to win the Heisman, and for the 3rd year in a row he had a CAP win a National Title ring, but not be a factor in the outcome. 1 year left of NCAA for some, but for most its on to the NFL or retirement.
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

Awww...that doesn't make much sense that someone would go pro early and not make it though...

Hopefully I'll find someone else doing one of these, this was fun while it lasted
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Re: THE OFFICIAL-Career Simulator Thread-NCAA thru NFL

my computer is being super dumb, this will continue in about 2 days, sorry again...
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