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Re: If You Were EA...

Originally Posted by CDowns430
The way the data is stored, this isn't really possible. It would also make the interface a lot more confusing if each team/sound combo could have anywhere from 1-22 different events.

It's still early in the cycle, so I can't promise anything, but we currently have plans to increase the limit on how many events can be stored.

I didn't think about how the data was stored i just figured since playlist are tied to events in the list why couldn't you sort it by playlist instead of event/team but you would know more than me...

What about animations though?...I'm sure there is a limit to how many you can store and i dont know how many there are now but theres gotta be room to add alot more...b/c if i see the turn backpedal 2 arm up catch (by wr/lbs/dbs) on deep balls and the full speed b-back jump swat as much as i see them now i'm gonna break my controller....the main area to add them is the catch/defending situations since they have the most variety of outcomes....there are way too many times when i'm like there's no way he wouldve tried to catch/defend that ball that way in real life, especially in the open when instead of catching in stride they adjust to a perfect throw when they dont have to allowing the defender to catch up or on bad throws getting sucked into animations that gets them to balls they shouldn't get to....or maybe its the way the animations are triggered in certain situations i dont know but you can never have too many
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Re: If You Were EA...

Gameplay- OL/DL interaction all the way. Pursuit angles and... well we all know the problems and glitches.

Visuals/Graphically- (would rather the gameplay is addressed long before this is, but EA will work on this anyways so...) I think that the Revolution facemasks just don't look right. Like the facemasks just stick out a little too far maybe. And bring back the daylight progression. FIX THE DAMN LETTERING ON THE OU JERSEYS!

Other- Post play continuation could be alot better. Half of the time guys picking up so-called fumbles are returning them the wrong way like idiots. Multiple running and throwing animations. Maybe a team chemistry rating that you as a coach would need to manage. Like if you have a player who puts the "I" in team.

I'd also hire someone with some balls to tell someone that hey real football isn't like this at all guys!
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