Interception Sliders.....still

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Re: Interception Sliders.....still

I've never gotten that many picks and I play on Heisman with the sliders implemented and everything.

My problem is I get to many sacks, I had to turn break block down and the CPU pass blocking up. I finished a year with 1 guy with 22 sacks.

I play mostly man, and finished the year #1 in every D category.
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Re: Interception Sliders.....still

What I noticed is that if I play on Varsity both the cpu and I throw about 1 INT each per game. If I play on AA the cpu and I throw about 3-4 INT's each per game (and I have the INT slider set at 15). The trend has continued over a 25 game period so it's not a fluke that I am seeing.
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Re: Interception Sliders.....still

The interception slider only affects the defenders hands, not how well he covers anyone. I agree that if at 0 he should drop every single pick but the game doesn't work that way. They will still drop some but they still get their picks.

The best way to reduce interceptions is to drop defensive awareness as this determines the coverage abilities of the defenders. This will also lead to higher completion percentages and better passing attacks so pick your poison.

Increasing knockdowns does nothing to curb interceptions and might make it worse. While this is certainly debatable among different people, I firmly believe the knockdown slider simply affects their ability to close on a ball or make a play on a ball. It does NOT encourage the DB to knock the ball down rather than go for a pick. Each defender has an imaginary halo around him. If the ball enters that halo they make a play on the ball (either swat or INT). The higher the knockdown slider the bigger the halo. By boosting knockdowns to 100 you will see super jumping LBs making plays in the middle of the field and DBs closing like madmen on the ball. They aren't just going for the knockdown but also the pick.

Imo, you should keep the knockdown slider at default or drop it if you want to reduce INTs, not the other way around. Either way, reducing def. awareness is the most important slider to reduce picks. Also remember that a rushed QB makes more bad throws so don't boost your pass rush too much. AuburnAlumni's slider set gives a huge boost to the human pass rush and this could be a result of that.
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