PS2 vs. PS3 versions of NCAA Football

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Re: PS2 vs. PS3 versions of NCAA Football

Originally Posted by SimBaller22
dude you could use a community college on AA and score at will...

AA is a joke and it is far to easy to expose any defense that the cpu throws at you..

I dont care if you play the game on ps3 or ps2 or ps1 or your local arcade for that matter

no game of college football from ea or madden is ever playable out of the box

all games require tweaking because we are human brains which trump a 60 dollar a.i

i laugh at these people who say that AA is based on ratings


I never knew that me using a crap school and beating a top 10 team on AA meant that it is based on ratings

Heisman and ALL madden are the only levels that give the game a challenge long term

sure the cpu is amped a bit on those levels but on aa the cpu is dumbe as heck so you choose..

you rather learn to beat the cpu with their amped up style or you rather claim that ratings matter on AA and beat teams and score at will with any offense...

Give me a break...

last gen ncaa and madden had same issues that any sports game has.. and that is that the only level to get a good game is the highest level and even in those games the cpu was amped up

last gen cant compare to next gen in terms of gameplay... i dont know about other features cuz i can care less for those but gameplay is just better on next gen..
wow, bonehead post of the week.
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Re: PS2 vs. PS3 versions of NCAA Football

For me, Online Dynasty makes this a no contest.

As far as the guy yapping on and on about AA and Heisman, who gives a **** what some nobody says.
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