Defensive Tips Needed!!

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Defensive Tips Needed!!

I need some help with playing Defense, lol. I'm sure we all have been/are in this boat. I know some will say you can't play defense in the game but I believe you can just takes a little more work then just picking a 4-6 nano blitz and sitting back laughting at your opponent struggle against 1 defensive play. Most online players I have faced use the HB Toss Sweep strong side and use the HB Screens heavily. I know I need to lab more and stick with a team and find out strengths and weakness of that team but it seems it doesn't matter what team I use I can't get good defensive play out of my team/s. I'm talking online play here not against CPU! What defenses are people using with success online??
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Re: Defensive Tips Needed!!

So this probably got ignored because no one wants to help, but I don't play online, so here goes.

When I used to play against live opponents (who were in the room where they could be punished for cheezing, cheating, or unplugging the game), the biggest trick was to do something out of the ordinary. We all play against the PC, so doing what the PC does won't work. You have to do something unexpected.

1. Don't rush in a straight line. We usually pick Cover 3 or something where the linemen run in a straight line because stunts don't work against the PC. Well, lanes give you room to run, so you'll get burned. Stunt. Call those defenses you'd never call against the PC because you are trying to win, not trying to make the All-America team with your redshirt soph DE.

2. Don't do what you are supposed to. The Velcro might be the best pressure D in the game. Why? Because you can take the end, who is dropping in a flat zone, and rush. Most QB's and players will read the first instant and look for receivers. If they read you backing off, their eyes will move elsewhere and you'll bring it. Plus, the OL relaxes and you can catch them flat footed. Cheezing? I don't think so. Delay blitzes are all over. It's the defensive version of chipping a blitzer before going out on a route. It's the same with a blitzing LB... cover the back out of the backfield or the receiver on a screen. A good DE will recognize screen and screw it up, causing the QB to get picked or get pummeled. Human players hate throwing the ball away.

3. Play off. There's nothing like a good Cover 2. You can find them everywhere. The Bucs and Colts have run it to Superbowls. With the uber leaping LB's, it cuts out the intermediate routes and with some practice you can break up most deep balls down the sidelines (you are weak against the post). Don't worry about pressure, if he takes 5 seconds you will get to him with finesse moves if your DL doesn't suck. Plus he may panic and throw a crossing route or an out right to one of your players. If he's in 3 WR use nickle, if he's in 4 use dime. Cover 2 won't let him run outside and we know running inside won't win games in this version. Use the games' faults as your strengths.

Remember, you aren't playing a mindless PC, so if you do the same thing over and over, they will catch on and adjust. If you control the ROLB all the time, he will go left. Self-scout. See what you do, then change it. If you have an instinct, go the other way until you are unpredictable. It works in poker, and will work online. Good luck.
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