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I HAVE COMPLETED THESE ROSTERS> please download and give me feedback. I have over 120 hours invested so they are pretty accurate! I have created players as well as changed impact players and all americans where appropriate..

Gamertag: gatorbull

So about a week ago I started the challenging task of making a post patch roster for the community. I spoke with DKrause about helping me out with it, but understandably he is tired of editing rosters. He has done an awsome job with the Original roster that he used, but I am a bit particular and want to be able to create that extra player for some teams with out the gitch. And it just seems logical to have a post patch roster.

I have gone in alphabetical order besides some all americans and Miami, and USF. I am up to Iowa so that leaves 80 teams still to go. The first 40 was extremely challenging and frustrating at times but are very accurate.

It takes me about 1-1.5 hours per team. I have been doing an average of 4-6 teams a day and had to take a break today because I was so exausted. I almost gave up on it but before I did I wanted to give it a shot with community help. I would really like to complete these as soon as possible and start enjoying the football season instead of going back and forth. So this is where the community comes in.

I will certainly take on helpers who actually want to do some teams with me. To do this we will just have to be careful and keep communication solid so we know who is working on the roster: I would probably only want a few guys "hands on" help. PM me if you are interested what I will do is assign you the next team or teams (however many you can take on at that time) in the alphabetical order to do.

How I edit and how I expect anyone to help me is as follows:

1) Go through the roster in NCAA and match it with the numerical roster on the teams website. Only enter the name of the player if you have a match with #, Position, Class, and close to the same size. Basically besure it is meant to be the player you are naming.

2) If it is not the same player or your not sure move on to the next and once you finish everyone that matches up go to the game notes section on the teams website and flip through the PDF file until you find the teams depth chart. The majority of teams do this. If you can not find it there go to Rivals.com and find the teams page and check to see if they have an updated depth chart. You have to be careful with rivals though because only the major teams keep that updated.

3) Once you have a depth chart go through each position and make sure you have every player that is on the depth chart. This is where you use the players you were unsure about to create a player that was not in the game. For the players who are ranked lower than someone behind them on the depth chart, bump up their attributes (i usually only use awareness, unless something else has been really neglected) until they are an overall point higher than that other player.

4) Then, I go through the teams statistics to see who is most involved. Especially with tackles for deffense. This is a great way to see some of the final players to put into the game. It also shows you if someone should be bumped up or down.

5) Lastly under the schedule and results part of the teams websites you can find photo galleries of games. I go through these to see what equipment changes should be made. I usually only does this for the major as they are the ones in the photos most often. I will make some equipment adjustments as I go if someone has like one glove or no gloves or some riduculous combination.

For people intersted in being a hands on helper: message me, I will only take on people who are willing and able to take on atleast 10 teams total and 2 teams at a time.

HOW EVERYONE ELSE CAN HELP::: Use the above process by loading the default game rosters and go to the last team in the alphabet (wyoming I think) and start with their rosters but just post it on here. This will cut my time down by 30-40 minutes a team.

So for example just post a message on here of the entire roster in NCAA and what to do to each player.



QB # 15 Tim Tebow: Team Color Dbl wrst ban on right wrist, Small white tape on left wrist

SS # 18 change to DE # 96 Name height weight color equipment (I usually throw gloves and small white bands on guys if I am unsure, as almost all players wear something these days) if any, and any attribute suggestions

When changing a player completely besure u cant use that player at that position first!!

I will not pay attention to anyone who does not follow this format. It is very important to use the players position and # in the NCAA default rosters as a starting point so that we are on the same page, and then I can just edit from your post.

BE SURE TO CHECK AND see if someone has done the team you doing. To prevent work overlapping I would be willing to assign people teams or letters of the alhpabet. If everyone pitches in and posts a couple teams each we could have this done in two weeks. If I have to continue on my own I wont be done till mid October..

As I said I am up to Iowa I have not done them yet though. The only teams I have gone through out of order are USF and Miami. List who your working on so people are not doing the same work twice. But please stay towards the back of the alphabet and only do this if your going to load the DEFAULT rosters and complete the WHOLE team!! Message me or post any questions.

Please do not Quote this long message in your replies


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