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Re: Things to improve the game

Hey Luca,

Good point about the randomness, we cant have every recruit we want. I guess what i hate is the time it consumes to recruit. Quick call doesnt work as well as it should cuz it doesnt lock all the unknowns before working on interest gains.
Another thing i hope they bring back is different hair styles i.e. dreadlocks and mullets.
Also have ya'll noticed that they havent had white facemasks in the game for years. It's weird because their in the game but dont actually show up on the field. Some of them are like a lighter version of grey. Didnt think much of it but there are alot of teams that have them and it looks much better with the white facemasks on the field.

You can tell the game is making strides and they really should listen to what the consumers want. I would honestly have them not add any new features and just fix as many issues with this game as possible.
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Re: Things to improve the game

There should definitely be that randomness but the top two or three schools in a state should be in a prospects top 10 schools. Not saying they should be at the top for everyone but they should be there.

Size and weight should play into ratings/attributes. I saw a Pass Rushing DE that was 6'8" 287 and had 4.5 spd with D- str. I'm not saying he couldn't be a freak and have 4.5 spd but his weight would make him hard to push around. The running backs are ridiculous. How many 150 lb. power HB's do you see? Size and weight need to be accounted for.
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Re: Things to improve the game

All very good points. Here are a few I would like, in no particular order.

1. Different animations for facemasks.
2. Change up booth reviewed plays. (if its a fumble, you know its going to be overturned!)
3. More equipment features. (Brand specific wristbands, towels, hand warmers)
4. When running an offensive play, if a flag is thrown it's always holding, which is kinda realistic, but don't put it up on the screen so I know to just run out of bounds or go down to save time and energy.
5. Late hits on the sidelines.
6. Some sort of indication on the online dynasty screen that informs you that it has been advanced.

I have more but I want to stay away from new features because I want this game polished first.
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Re: Things to improve the game

Originally Posted by a_densen
Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay.

1. Work on the running animations, would really like to have different running styles like basketball has different jumpshots.
2. Gang tackling, some of the animations should be taken out completely plus only one player gets credit for the tackle, should have tackles and solo tackles.
3. Fix the 40 second playclock.
4. DL gameplay, it's just awful right now. There has to be a better way to disrupt the backfield.
5. Defensive awareness needs to be tightened up.
6. More dive, catch, and falling to the ground animations(like being tripped up)
7. Injuries should be like what madden has.
8. Ball physics, it spins the wrong way and on hard throws doesnt spin at all. On punts sometimes the ball just dies.
9. More effective sliders. Enough said here.

Other Things,

1. Formation subs a must.
2. Player models, try editing a WR. When you bring the weight under 200 the player model actually gets bigger instead of smaller.
3. We should always have the ability to edit attributes and height/weight during the season(except online dynasties). A lot of money was paid to enjoy this game and if a user wants to edit stuff then let us do it.
4. Recruiting, it's so unpredictable and needs to have more of a method. Should be able to assign how many minutes are spent on each topic when manually calling. OR JUST GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY from 2006.
5. Pre/post game presentation needs to be alot better. Steal from 2K please.

There are things that are good about this game, it's okay right now but is far from being great. These are just some of the things that can be done to make it better.


This is a great list.
I'd like to see Create A Playbook. Picking your own formations in the Old Gen was good to have. To mix things up and add a bit of realism, there should be fumbled snaps from center, even high snaps to a punter or kicker. The option game needs work, too. Everyone on here has already mentioned opponent AI and more realistic playcalling...that needs work.
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Re: Things to improve the game

They need to improve the TV schedule. With all the cable networks, as well as conference networks, almost every game that is played is televised. If a game is not televised (network or cable), you can watch the game on the net at ESPN 360. Every game is being produced in some format now so it is time to get away from the untelevised games and the stadium announcer. BTW what every happened to the game of the week in the TV schedule?
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