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Texas Tech Playbook

who here uses TTU? any tips you'd like to share?
as for me..i've used them alot recently and noticed on heisman a somewhat balanced attack has helped alot since its opens up play action and deep routes. Overall i'd say their playbook is really similar to what Texas has been running lately IRL. I've only seen some of the OU v UT game and the Mizz and Ut game but it seems like UT is running alot of 4wr shotgun sets. Anyway, I'd say TTU runs a fun O and was wondering what you guys think....Cmon Solidice you're the expert with your exp in the OS legends league...... drop some knowledge
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Re: Texas Tech Playbook

well, in the current season, I'm actually running the ball more. i have 2 HB over 120+ carries each(using a 2 HB system). still using TTU playbook.

many of the formations are what Tech runs IRL, but there are a lot of plays not in the game.

not really sure what you want to know. pretty much all the shotgun formations has the exact same plays in it, so its just what WR look you want to use. i usually roll through each formation in the book during the game, except Goal line, since TTU doesn't use that formation. for short yardage plays I'm either still in shotgun, or in the Strong H pro/Weak H pro or Ace Big Flip formation. for me running from shotgun is a lot easier than from under center(against the CPU, and most Humans)

if i had to say which formation are my "main" ones, it'll be ACE Spread Flex, Shotgun Spread Flex, Shotgun Spread Flex WK, and Shotgun Double Flex. been using Shotgun Normal Flex WK more lately too. i don't really have any favorite plays that i use, normally just pick a play and read the field going through the progession.

i don't have the game in front of me right now so i can't say any specific plays or anything. used to run slants some, but with WR catching at 0, it leads to way too many tipped pass Ints, so i don't use it that much(i don't user catch). same thing with curls/hooks. crossing routes/mesh type plays work good. Draws seem to work good for me in the gun too. I'll mix in some PA passes in there too, but thouse usually leads to me being sacked before the PA animation is completed.

i maybe switching playbooks though, looking for one that simular to TTU, but with more TE usage.
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Re: Texas Tech Playbook

I just looked at the TT playbook, it's actually pretty cool.

Generally speaking i run the One Back playbook, but was thinking of making a switch.

Looking for something pass happy, but still with that power up the gut running attack. Really liked the look of the FB in that TT playbook
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