Victor "Macho" Harris at WR? Chesse Yes or No?

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Re: Victor "Macho" Harris at WR? Chesse Yes or No?

Cheese? No,

but having receivers with 95 speed in a game that has broken AI is always going to be cheesy when you know the cpu won't cover the receiver.

Speed is the only relevant factor in this game.. thats why it sucks..experience, composure, player development all left out of this game, unlike past versions of the game.. If the game punished you or balanced the player's performance out ex. chicago's devin hester has been less effective on special teams since he started playing on offense.. that would make sense but they won't ..he'll just be one more fast receiver that never gets tired or wears down.

Sorry for rambling, but this issue is a hot one in my dynasty right now.. guys lining up wr's at TE etc. guys with receivers with 98 speed.. this kind of stuff tears down any hope of realistic play and makes the game cartoon-like..

but no , it's not cheese
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Re: Victor "Macho" Harris at WR? Chesse Yes or No?

Originally Posted by Starter
I notice some of my opponets attempting to do this. But I put him at the #1 WR position, so I can move him around and find the perfect mismatch. I'll use WR flip in I and strong, and put him in slot with "strong slot" personnel. Anything to match him up against your slower, weaker corner.
This is why I think EA should create a man-lock option. The way I see it working is that you are given the option to stick a specific defender on a specific offensive player no matter where that offensive player lines up. IRL some defenses will stick their best cornerback on the other team's impact once in a lifetime receiver no matter where he lines up. Ideally I would like to see it for any defense but I would reluctantly compromise with allowing it only on some defenses. I would even want to extend the man-lock to up to 2 offensive players, meaning you can pick 2 defensive players to match up against 2 offensive players. It could be implemented the way basketball games, notably, 2k bball games, has an interface to allow you to select the opponent to guard for each of your player. This would allow us to be more creative while quieting some of the voices calling cheddar.

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Re: Victor "Macho" Harris at WR? Chesse Yes or No?

Originally Posted by Starter
I like VTech but they don't have a WR that can stretch the field. Online everyone just plays cover 1 press and brings down the 8th man to spy. (at least that's my strategy against TECH!) Harris has 95 speed, which mean he can get behind most CB, even in cover 3. It frees up some space for the power running game, which is the best part of VTech. Is it cheese to place CB1 Victor Harris at WR?

Some of his ratings highlights include:
95 speed
82 route runnig
85 catching
84 spectacular catch.

He has better WR rating than most WRs! And Tyrod Taylor is a por man's Terrel Pryor. Add that great defense, VT is a great sleeper team.

There are a few other hidden gems on this team. I had a great time running Beamer ball online over the weekend. So what do you think about Harris at WR? Cheese or not.
It's quite simple: If he's played WR for Vtech in real life then it's not cheese. If he hasn't then it's cheese.
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Re: Victor "Macho" Harris at WR? Chesse Yes or No?

I don't think it's cheese.
About the only thing I've seen that I would categorize as cheese is when a non-qb is playing qb (like Harvin, Crabtree, etc..) and that person can also throw the ball like a QB.
I played a guy that was TX Tech and he put Crabtree at QB for some plays. That's OK with me. But when he throws a 30 yard bullet into double coverage for a TD is where I draw the line. It's hard enough keeping those guys from running on you but when they pull up and throw accurate ropes to receivers way downfield.. that's when I consider it cheesing.
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