NCAA Football 10: Time to Consolidate the Wishes

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I think ea sports and everyone working on the game should bring back many things and put in new things too.One they should bring back create a team mode as well as the fcs teams(furman,app state,and others). New things should include teams specific entrances like clemson rubbing the rock and running down the hill,also a create an entrance mode, along with create a stadium and create a conference.The game should be more realistic as far as the players and the crowd, teams like FIU shouldn't have sold out games.There is a lot they can do, but its hard to fit it all in, in a years work.
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Re: NCAA Football 10: Time to Consolidate the Wishes

Originally Posted by steebu

Implement the option the way it should be. Without googling for an answer, does anyone at Tiburon know what an arc block is? If you don't, then you don't know how to implement the option.


I've seen Steebu write about this before (I found the site with a google search complaining about the AWFUL way this game sets up the option) - - - and I totally agree.

There are 3000000 variations on the shotgun formation, tons of passing and running plays, hundreds of teams, etc.

....and it's too hard to program "Tackle ignore DE, block ILB [or, if 3 tech, combo DT to MLB]. Guard block down on nearest man. Backside scoop. PS WR stalk. Playside Slot take arc track to S" ?

That's a pretty standard set up of veer rules vs. a 4-3. Wouldn't be hard to expand this for different defenses.

It's not asking for much. There are lots of different option PLAYS in the playbook, but they are all conceptually flawed.

The "triple option" in this game does not really allow one to read the DE on the FB mesh portion of the play.

J. Dwyer led the ACC in rushing this year from the FB/B-Back position, in a large part because of how devestating that portion of the veer option is. It's not just a FB Dive. The line walls off the interior and leaves the EMOL unblocked, giving the FB an alley to run through if that EMOL goes upfield for the QB.

So that's my wish list - - - improve the option. Wider splits, give the FB/B-Back a true veer path (outside leg of the OG). Why not throw in a true midline as well?
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