Some Random Thoughts/Questions about 2010

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Some Random Thoughts/Questions about 2010

Ok, I see a lot of talk about the pursuit angles being corrected, and a lot of talk about pocket protection.

So let's talk pursuit angles: I hope to god I'm wrong, but this seems like it's just going to be a static , across the board thing.

Meaning: If you're Florida, playing Any top 10 team (insert your top 10 team here.......Oklahoma, Ohio St, etc.....) then YES, the pursuit angles should be better.....or at least much more fundamental. Those teams are better coached, have better athletes, etc........ so that's great!

Problem.....I easily see EA screwing this up and just make it a sweeping thing , across the board, for all teams. Which will make it very bad IMHO. Same scenario: Florida (or insert top 10 team here) playing say.......Sisters of the Deaf and blind (Clemson for example , lol).....those teams SHOULD NOT have the same, across the board , "fundamental" angles. They are not as well coached, and certainly don't have the same caliber athletes.

However, I have a very bad feeling, that those sub par teams will magically take all the correct pursuit angles. Follow me?

2) New oline stuff........see example above. If you're top 10, playing scrubs, the holes should open up big time for your running back. Conversley, and everything ANTI-09.....if your defense is top 10, playing scrubs......you SHOULD BE getting massive amounts of pressue in the backfield. Unlike 09, where you could be playing a Pop Warner team filled with 10 yr olds, and no matter what, the kids seemed to magicaly block these highly rated Defensive Lineman.......hmmmmmmm.......Sounds like De Ja vu all over again.

As we saw MANY, MANY, MANY (did I say MANY?) times last year, PLAYER RATINGS MEANS ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer to all of the above is simple EA, listen up.......MAKE PLAYER RATINGS MEAN SOMETHING......sprinkle in a little common sense with the new persuit angles . I would imagine a fairly simple algorithim would work. Duke pursuit angles = 2.....Ohio St pursuit angles = 10. ( on a scale of 1-10).....however, IT MUST BE DYNAMIC. If you take duke from the door mat to the #1 team in the country, their pursuit angle should improve accordingly........while at the same time making player ratings matter.

I'm not bashing in the least here. I'm really not. In fact, just the opposite. I'm once again praying for the best.......however, year after year, EA seems to always let us down, and it's been that way for a very long time now. Can you get it right this time around?

OH, and for the record......If you must feel the need for a new gimick this year , how bout this one: "No gimicks, just real football?"

Flame away, or post something. Agree or disagree?
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Re: Some Random Thoughts/Questions about 2010

Agree...I know this feature sounds great...I feel it will be just as frustrating with players taking the perfect angle from across the entire field to stop you from scoring..
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Re: Some Random Thoughts/Questions about 2010

As the producer explained it on the blog....each player will have a pursuit PUR rating so that should be the determing factor and it should be a decent feature.
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Re: Some Random Thoughts/Questions about 2010

1. As for your 1st point, we will have to wait and see. BUT, if the producers are correct, the pursuit angles will be determined by the pursuit ratings, so bad teams will not take the same good angles as good teams.

2. Your 2nd point, i have zero idea what you're talking about. Give me a team with a top 10 defense, and let me play some C rated teams or just crappy teams in general, and you will NOT be able to run the ball on me. I don't just mean on "me" either, I just mean in general. That 2nd point really baffles me, lol.
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