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Re: Spread Offense Help

Thanks for the input bro I'll keep working at it. Go blue!
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Re: Spread Offense Help

I came up with my own style using the spread. The Vanderbulit rope-a-dope. I try to run the spread normally for the first half and due to the inept QBs there it mostly fails. Then in the 2nd half they start playing pass and I run all over them.
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Re: Spread Offense Help

Originally Posted by tate09
i would love to play a ball control style of offense with a strong running game complemented by short, high percentage passes, but i'd be banging my head against wall trying to run on a 9 man box and throwing short when CPU DB's look to undercut every single route.
In my online dynasty on All-American with adjusted sliders (basically all-American and a half), I'm playing as Syracuse. Through 4 games, I have 651 passing yards, 754 rushing yards. Just 2 passing TDs, but 13 rushing TDs. I'm about 70/30 run/pass ratio.
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Re: Spread Offense Help

Originally Posted by yanks26ngoin
I'm experiencing nothing like you are, and I run the spread option offense(Mississippi State's playbook). I run read options all the time, well, not all the time, but a good amount per game(I try to keep it at like 3 or 4 if its a long drive, but nothing more) and get a good mixture of losses and gains. If the LB lines up close to the line and diagonally on the outside of the DE on which ever side the HB is on, I read the LB. If he crashes down, I keep it. If he stays at home, I hand it off. If he does not line up there, I read the DE on the side that the HB is on. If he crashes down, I keep it. If he stays at home, I hand it off. Its all about finding lanes and hitting them. If you miss your lane, and cant cut back into it, you will probably either get hit for a loss, or only a gain of 3-4 yards. If you can hit the lane or able to get to the outside ahead of the defense, you can get a nice chunk of yardage. Occasionally, the option wouldnt work not matter what due to what you said. But, you cannot always call the read option. If you do, the defense will always go with the best play to blow it up before it begins. You need to mix in some passes and just some plain handoffs, speed options or triple options. Exclusively running the read option with a pass to get the 1st on 3rd down is a recipie for failure in this game and in real life.
yeah, i know what you're saying about reading the overhang, but i'm not going to run the ball period when the CPU safeties are inside the box as well. against normal down and distance defenses, the spread running game works alright, the problem is that typically lasts all of 1 play each game then they start loading the box relentlessly no matter how many times i audible to pass and burn the blitz.

just to clarify, i'm having no trouble moving the ball or scoring pts, the problem is there is no strategy or offensive system involved when the CPU tries to cover my 5 eligible receivers with 3 defensive players.

i can't imagine the kind of stats guys that play with houston, texas tech, hawaii and all the air raid teams are putting up this year.
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Re: Spread Offense Help

Originally Posted by jeremym480
The A.I. is actually adapting to your play style.... sounds like good news too me.
Kind of...I ran the option frequently and once I do it to start the game they load up the box which is good. But they continue to do this the rest of the game no matter which play I call and if I ever audible out they continue stacking the box and leave my receivers uncovered for easy touchdowns.
Matt Millen announcing during UofM-Notre Dame football game: "This guy is a going to make a great NFL player!" Like you would know dbag, way to drop the kid's draft stock.
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