Time of Possession?

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Old 07-19-2010, 04:13 AM   #1
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Time of Possession?

Has anyone else noticed that their T.O.P. numbers NEVER add up right?

In my online dynasty, we play 7 minute quarters, so... 4 quarters of 7 minutes each is 28 minutes, right?

Here are the T.O.P. numbers from all the games played in my online dynasty so far.

USF 15:08, SU 19:51 - Total, 34:59
Aub 10:50, ULM 21:53 - Total, 32:43
SU 22:25, Tol 11:47 - Total, 34:12
USF 21:59, FAU 10:48 - Total 32:47
ULM 17:44, FCS E 15:59 - Total 33:43
UCF 17:22, USF 16:58 - Total 34:20
PSU 17:15, SU 17:15 - Total 34:30
Buf 12:48, Conn 18:10 - Total 30:58
ArkSt 15:12, ULM 18:36 - Total 33:48
SU 19:39, Army 15:10 - Total 34:49
UK 16:07, USF 17:15 - Total 33:22

etc, etc, etc, I think you get the point.

None of them are ever SHORT of the 28 minutes. The one that's closest to right was still 2:58 over 28. I thought maybe it had to do with turnovers, scoring, something... but the game that was just 30:58 was a blowout with plenty of turnovers, as was the 33:43 game. The 34:30 game had some turnovers but it was low scoring. The 34:49 game was a blow out, but not as much scoring as any of the previous I mentioned, and only one turnover, I think. The 33:22 and 34:20 were both high scoring shootouts with lots of turnovers. The highest combined T.O.P. numbers, 34:59, was a user-vs-user game, a bit of a blowout with a lot of turnovers.

There's just no sort of consistency or pattern that makes me think the game is counting something as T.O.P. but not on the game clock (like extra point attempts) or something for T.O.P. for both teams (turnovers).

It seems kind of random, and it's annoying. I pride myself on being a run-first, chew the clock up, power offense...and I'd kind of like to figure up my average T.O.P., but it's kind of meaningless seeing how every game has a different total T.O.P. stat, and they're all 3-7 minutes more than the actual game clock.

And oh yeah, NONE of these games went into overtime.
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Old 07-19-2010, 08:04 AM   #2
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Re: Time of Possession?

Yeah, I noticed this earlier today. I type up the box scores of my dynasty to keep tabs on progress and stuff, and I finished playing a game where I had felt like the opponent had held the ball all game. I looked at the TOP and noticed I had way more TOP, and on a second look I saw that it added up past 40 minutes (I use 10 minute quarters). I then looked at the other games I had played and none of them added up either. All the games had my team with a decently large advantage in TOP even in games where I struggled a lot offensively and was dominated by long drives defensively.

I played a game against Rutgers (and I know they use a hurry up, but these numbers are still high) and I had 19 rush plays to their 43. My team was 17-30 passing, and theirs was 19-30. Time of possession: Tulane (me): 31:50; Rutgers 20:38.

I would have to play a lot more games (or just look at the play by play and add up the times) to prove it, but it might be that time is being added to the user's TOP and the CPU's is right. I say this because of all the times I have looked at it, it is only my team that seems to have an unusually high number, whereas the opponent's seems about right.

OR... it could have something to do with the tempos and the chew clock. Either way it is kinda annoying.
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Re: Time of Possession?

Yeah I just noticed this myself. I too think it has something to do with the ACC clock. Either that or return stats aren't being included.
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Re: Time of Possession?

They probably keep the clock for TOP running even when the game clock is stopped for an incomplete pass or going out of bounds or a 1st down or whatever.
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Re: Time of Possession?

Use the Bugs/Glitches thread at the top of the page. Thanks.
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