Starting games over?

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Re: Starting games over?

Originally Posted by Gosens6
I find the play action this year to be so useless to the point where iv'e stopped using it altogether.
hm.. i love using pa passes. but i really got into the 'setup' plays last year so i run linked plays all the time. it's pretty awesome when you get a corner or safety to bite on the run then lob one down the middle to the te for six. i'm only on AA so that may be why i've had success with it though.
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Re: Starting games over?

Heck yeahz, I would start over. I usually set the difficulty to Varsity, move all my slider to 100 and the cpu's slider to 0. If they get a first down on offense or they stop me for a negative play on D I pull the plug and start over. I usually win by 200 points, I guess the cpu just need to get their stick skillz up yo.

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Re: Starting games over?

I will restart the occasional RTG.

For instance, when I'm seconds away from winning, all we need to do is call a run play. CPU calls a pass play (I'm a RB), tries to throw a pass, but it's picked off.

We're talking about a minute-ish left in the game, 1st and 10, opponent has no time-outs and we're winning... just run the ball.

Anyone else notice that the RTG play-calling is horrendous?
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Re: Starting games over?

Originally Posted by CrossTown
I have a friend who does this, but not just if something glitchy is happening, but if he's going to lose at all. He'll play a game through, and if he's down at the end he quits. He'd do it when playing head-to-head games too.

Drives me crazy. That's not sim football. Oh well. It's his game. He can do what he wants.
I hate when people do this, and they act like there amazing at the game, but you know that the just exit out before losing everytime
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Re: Starting games over?

If they called plays in real life like they do in RTG, there would be alot of Coaches asking, "Do you want fries with that?"
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