Tell me about the hit stick

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Tell me about the hit stick

I haven't played much of NCAA since the PS2 editions, and this is the first one I've bought since like 2005. If they had a hit stick back then I don't remember it. I'm more of the old school Madden player - you tackle by running into the guy, or if you feel aggressive (or feel like whiffing ) you hit the dive button. The hit stick is just using the right analog in the direction of the tackle, right? Or is there more to it? What really is the advantage, is it just harder/more injurious/more fumble-causing hits?
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Re: Tell me about the hit stick

Easier to injure, cause fumbles and make the ball carrier look stupid lol. However this year they are tougher to land. I only use it if I have a good angle and backup defense behind me ready to go for the followup. I normally only hit stick with linebackers this year. Mainly Herzlich and Kuechly on my team, sometimes the DE Albright. All of them hit harder than a ton of bricks.

Use it wisely this year, that's pretty much all I got to say there. But yeah, if you do Right analog (on 360) towards the ball carrier will deliver a wicked blow.
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Re: Tell me about the hit stick

I personally consider using the hit-stick an art. I say this because I have a buddy who can use the hit-stick for every tackle. He lines it up and times it perfectly. I, on the other hand, have only used it sparingly because of my lack of ability to pull it off time and time again.

But yeah, basically, you flick the right analog in the direction of the runner. If you time it right and are going the right way, you'll smash the ballcarrier. Increases chance for a fumble, maybe injury, and your player gets "in the zone" (is that what they're still calling it? They're performance level? Or confidence? I have no idea anymore...).
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