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Stat Engine

I'm not sure how difficult it is to program, but the stat sim engine should be a key area of focus rather than worrying about making sure players have dreadlocks and other incidentals. One of the reasons I play is to see how my team stacks up against the rest of the nation. The sim engine should recognize how many minute games you play and adjust stats likewise. I just completed my first season with Wisconsin and John Clay regularly went for 100-150 yards on about 20-25 carries in games I played on 8 minute quarters. My final game which I simmed, a non-conference game against Hawaii, Clay carried the balls 45 times, but oddly ran for only 183 yards. Hawaii ran over 100 plays in a 48-30 loss. This is simply ridiculous, especially when features like this have been implemented in earlier versions on less powerful consoles. This means that at the end of a season, I have virtually no chance of leading the nation in meaningful offensive categories and am guaranteed of being amongst the nations top defenses simply because the volume of plays in a played game is fewer.

Stat simulation is simply horrible. I'm not sure where EA gets its benchmarks for statistical normalcy, but they must have stopped checking stats in the 70's. Quarterbacks completing less than 50% of passes and running backs averaging less than four yards per carry as the norm are two of the most egregious examples. Quarterback completion percentage is ironic since when I play, the computer regularly completes 65-70% of its passes, usually with a pick or two thrown in so I don't go crazy.

Anybody else frustrated with this aspect?
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Re: Stat Engine

Originally Posted by fetzkom
Anybody else frustrated with this aspect?
Extremely frustrated for years. This is the one area of the game which doesn't require 3D game development and simply requires hard work, attention to detail, and a basic comprehension of statistical analysis.

Then again I'm a sim gamer and that doesn't appear to be EA's audience.
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Re: Stat Engine

I've also been a long time season simmer...

The statistical sim engine is at or even worse than it was back when I played NCAA 2002 and NCAA 2003.

I think there is way too much of a reliance on certain attributes (Awareness for QBs) and not enough of a higher baseline. I was simming as Florida and QB John Brantley passed for just 46.3% or so with 19 TD vs. 13 INT and 2400 yards on 432 pass attempts (5.56 YPA). Again, this is a Florida team that should still be dominant and I highly doubt John Brantley will throw for less than 60-65% this season.

I though the sim engine was fairly solid in recent years (NCAA 2007 comes to mind). I have no idea what the issue has become but it's really unfortunate and has almost turned me off of the offline Dynasty mode completely (which was usually the only thing I'd play since I'm not much of an online gamer).
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Re: Stat Engine

I'm very frustrated with the sim engine.

QB stats are totally screwed up. Here's my thread about it:


Basically a QB with 65 THP 65 THA and 85 AWR is more valuable than a QB with 90 THP 95 THA and 65 AWR; and it's not even close. This ONLY applies for simmed games.
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