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Re: Recruiting logic/depth charts

Originally Posted by mcpheje
I think everyone's known at least if they spend any amount of time on these boards. There was some hope that the last patch/tuner set did something to address at least the recruiting but it's now evident it did nothing really to help this issue. As long as this stays a hot topic on the boards, it's more likely to become a higher priority for the Dev team. Even if there's nothing they can/will do this year, this cannot continue into next year's game as is.
I agree with this, but I am affraid this is my last year of NCAA. You see, I'am 48 and have given enough of my time. They were so close with this one, as being up there with the greats. However this year, I purchased Bowl Bound College Football, yes a text based game, but if you sim, or don't have enought time as I do to play all the games....it is outstanding. I have only played 3 games, and sitting with a 2-1 record, and just lost 3 players that got supended for grades. Recuriting is very very indepth, as well as the playbooks, etc.
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Re: Recruiting logic/depth charts

Originally Posted by Purplepower_NC
Can't see how people are just finding this.
I know right. Wait until they really pay attention to the teams depth charts, lol. They'll have lots of fun with that. You aint seen nothing yet bro. Stacked positions are just a minor part of it. Later.
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Re: Recruiting logic/depth charts

Maybe I'm immune but it hasn't happened to me.
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Re: Recruiting logic/depth charts

Originally Posted by Ricky Rowe Zay
Maybe I'm immune but it hasn't happened to me.
Guaranteed it's happened you just haven't noticed it. The problem is with the CPU controlled teams. They recruit crazy numbers of certain positions. Go in to look at the rosters in dynasty and switch the position to QB or HB. As you advance from team to team you'll start seeing ridiculous numbers. This happens for a lot of teams.

With the roster capped at 70, having too many at some positions means the team is going to be thin at other positions.

The depth chart issue is also universal as the CPU logic just puts the guy with the highest OVR that's not already starting at another position for that side of the ball. 1st string works out ok, 2nd string is really where it starts getting crazy.
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Re: Recruiting logic/depth charts

Anyone that thinks it's not there check again. I have both patches and the updated tuner set, playing offline, and after year 1 I saw 7 schools that have the issue. The breakdown looks like this for the 7 schools.
-3 schools have 5+ QB's
-3 schools have 5+ HB's
-1 school has 8 CB's
Everone of those schools had holes on the o-line. Stuff like 3 tackles or 3 guards. That leaves 1 or 2 guys to back-up at 4 positions. It's a issue.
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