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Lee Corso

Did we ever gat any real word on why Lee Corso was missing from the in game sound clips?
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Re: Lee Corso

Becuase he doesnt' call games in real life
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Re: Lee Corso

Would be awesome to get a college gameday pre-show in a city with the big game for the week where they talk about a few canned stories like maybe the top team lost last week or a Heisman candidate is injured or something and at the end Corso picks a team with a mascot head. They already have a ton of mascots in the game. Recording the clips for things probably wouldn't be so bad. It would add a lot to presentation. They could even have the people boo or cheer depending on who Corso picks. Even if it's the same background just with palette swapped colors I think it would add a lot of cool factor to the presentation.
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Re: Lee Corso

I think it's weird how there's at least one Corso clip in there that still pops up occasionally. I think I've only heard it once that I can remember, but it was funny.
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Re: Lee Corso

He's mostly retired in real life and has been retired from the game. He still appears but just as the pregame prediction.
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Re: Lee Corso

I'll take he sucked for 300 Alex.
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Re: Lee Corso

lol @ Upallnight. I haven't had the infrequent Corso comment pop up. I wish we could get a couple extra different commentary items for certain situations. I'm tired of hearing the same stuff over and over...but I'll still take it over the previous Madden commentary heh.
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Re: Lee Corso

Where are you guys hearing this pop-up? I miss Lee Corso...
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