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Does Size Matter

Ahem, no, it's not what you're thinking fellas.

What I want to know is, does it really matter whether I recruit the 6'4" 255 lbs DE who may come in at 78 OVR or recruit the 6'2" 210 lbs DE who comes in at 81 OVR? I know that height is good for certain positions such as WR and TE but does weight matter at all in this game? For instance, I hear of people moving a 6'1" 235 lb 82 OVR MLB to DT and he becomes rated a 86 OVR MLB. I would think he wouldn't be able to handle the strength and size of the Guards and Centers he goes up against. So fellas for which positions do height and/or weight matter?

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Re: Does Size Matter

Like you said WR and TE, plus Safeties or really anyone who you might use to knock passes down. RB could matter if you use him int he passing game.

I don't know about weight though. Their strength skills seem tied in with attributes instead of their weight.
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Re: Does Size Matter

I'm pretty sure that in past games all weight affected was appearance, but with the new "locomotion" system it might factor in. Even if that's true I'm sure strength still plays a larger part.
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Re: Does Size Matter

i've had safeties that are low to mid 70's rated that are low 80's at OLB and DE but i choose not to move them based on the fact that they are only 185-190lbs and maybe 5'11" - 6'1", plus if you ever see a CPU run get to the second level when you have guards and centers matching up on LB's and even S's i see the smaller guys get demolished no matter what their STR is, i would say leave the smaller guys at positions designed for smaller guys. although i would be lying if i said i've never had success with 6'3"-6'5" 225-235 lbs. DE's they just have to be pure pass rushers they tend to be faster being smaller so they can blow up runs in the back field aswell they just don't tackle as well IMO
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Re: Does Size Matter

This has been a problem with the game (both NCAA and Madden) for YEARS... no physical size progression. Player weight should be an actual rating in the game that can actually rise or fall, especially when a player changes positions.

That would solve the problem of 200lb DT's having no disadvantage over a 300lb one.
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Re: Does Size Matter

If you really care that much just create identical players and go on the practice field and test. Does weight/size make a difference or is it all stats?
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Re: Does Size Matter

Sadly I dont think it does. EA should have strength etc tied to weight in some manner but I dont believe they do.

As evidence witness the 6'1" 184lb DE a friend just recruited as an athlete and put at DE. (I personally am somewhat pissed as I think its ultra f-ing cheese if the guy can play every down at that size) What are his attributes you ask?

98 SPEED!! 94 Accel 82 agility Oh but he probably is weak and cant tackle right?

80 Strength 85 tackle 85 hit power and a respectable 70 block shed

Its obvious this guy was meant to be a safety, a big mean corner maybe, or I could even buy a hybrid peso type backer like Nebraska uses as part safety part linebacker. But no, thanks EA, he's a 85 overall DE as a true freshman at 6'1" 184lbs.

End of rant, long story short, height and weight havent meant **** in NCAA football for as long as I can remember.

So have fun and go for those 5 star 6'0" 250lb tackles and guards.
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Re: Does Size Matter

Bring on a new physics engine! While working on rosters, you run across plenty of 230 pound defensive ends. I can see giving them some attributes to battle the 300 hogs on the O-Line. But, there is no way you should have anyone less than 230 at DE, or 260 at DT dominating in D-1 football in 2010, unless they have All-American talent.
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