What does awareness really do?

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Re: What does awareness really do?

The depth chart should really be updated anyway. We've had the same depth chart since last last gen...

We should have depth charts based on the type of offense/defense you're running. For example, if I run a spread offense, I should have more than 6 wr on my depth chart. I should have, at minimum, 8. By the same token, in a 3-3-5 defense, I need more than 3 slots for my strong safety. Give me at least 4... 6 would be better. On the flipside, in a 3-4 defense, I have no need of 5 dt. I will almost never use more than 3. But I'd rather have more slots than I need than not enough. In a 3-4/4-3 hybrid, give me the actual hybrid position (Jack) as an option...

For that matter, a true Sam/Will/Mike situation would be ideal for linebackers since that's how 99% of defenses work. I'd love an option for Nose Guard in addition to Defensive Tackle, too because the positions play completely different and you realistically want different types of players in these roles (I realize that currently, there's no reason to get the mammoth NG since your 275-lb guy with 75 speed will dominate). Going back to my 3-3-5 point... I'm not even sure what you'd call the two strong safeties (one a SS the other a WS and leave the FS as a free safety? Or call him the rover... been a long time since I studied anything about a real 'stack' defense), but maybe that would help.

Basically, there should be at least 3 spots on the depth chart for each position... if it's a position with more than 2 on the field at the same time (like WR, DT, MLB, CB or SS), then there should be even more OR split them like other positions (de, olb, rb, ot, og) are split on the field.
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Re: What does awareness really do?

IMO Awareness is the singal most important attribute, especially for a QB.
I am Wyoming in a OD were most games are against other users. I am putting up great numbers with Carta Samuels, leading the nation with a 192 QB rating, and 4th in completion percentage around 64%

Fast forward week 8, Carta Samuels is lost for the year. My next best QB is 14 points less in awareness, and 15 points less in both accuracy and throwing power.

The receivers breaking open in there routes are not there anymore!
The well formed pocket is not there anymore!(blocking in general is lacking)
The short high percentage passes are now a crap shoot!

It seems the QB awareness both effects the QB and the other 10 athletes on the field drastically. Looking forward to having him back next season.
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