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PS2 Dynasty Tips 2011

I have never tried dynasty on any other consoles but PS2. But I've been told that some options in PS2 arent available on other consoles such as summer camp and custom playbooks. So for those of you who find these tips useful, good luck!
Personally, I like the idea of taking a shadow dweller team and bringing them to the top, in addition im a fan of ground pounding. Sooo with that in mind, I look for teams with at least a decent offensive line, (75+) in Run Block, Pass Block and Strength, or a combination of any of the three. As long as I have that, I can work with any team.
Secondly, one tip I picked up from Madden 09's Hall of Fame mode, is that extra gear and personal appearance can have an effect on defenders. I forget what attributes it affects...awareness mabe? Anyway, not sure if the same is true in NCAA, but its another thing ive always done and so far I have been pretty successful with my dynasties.
I give my quarterbacks team color wrist bands. Runningbacks visors, gloves, team color elbow pads and team color full forearm pads. Recievers I give black elbow pads and black forearm pads, visors and gloves. My linemen have white elbow pads and black forearm pads, with neckrolls.
Linebackers and D backs get the same accessories as running backs and recievers.
In Summer camp I tend to switch things up. Since im a running team, I use my second string tailback for Rushing Attack. My starting tailback for 40 yd dash. My Backup QB for the Pocket Passing drill, my starting QB for Pass Skeleton, my third stringer for option attack and fourth for passing distance. (I do this due to the type of offense I run. If you run the option you may want to do this in reverse order such as having your starter in Option Attack.)
I use my number one reciever for kick return and my second receiver for "catching the ball" drill. for Oklahoma on offense I use my fullback.
Defensively, I use my best defensive end for "Rush the QB", my best Outside Linebacker I use for defending the option, my best safety for DB Cover, my best corner for Punt Return and my starting Middle Linebacker for Defensive Oklahoma
Theres a reason for all of this. I use my starting tailback for the 40 yard dash to give him the most speed and acceleration as possible. Running the ball is all about the initial explosion out of your stance, which translates to a high acceleration rating. If he can explode out of his stance, hit the hole or the corner in a timely manner, even if hes not very quick or strong...youre still gonna snag at least a few yards, unless theyre running contain or something. Agility and strength will come in time.
I use my starting QB for pass skleleton as I want him to be as accurate as possible. Even if he doesnt have a strong arm, as long as he can hit his open recievers I can build on the rest. Im not an option team, so I could care less for his mobility. My QB's are all pocket passers.
Punt Return helps with DB's speed and acceleration, Kick Return does the same for recievers. I use my best receiver for Kick Return as he most likely already has the best hands already, so if I can build his speed....I have a solid all around receiver. The same theme applies to the rest.
Note: On the "catching the ball" drill, always slant left across the field. The safety blitzes more often than not leaving you open for nearly every catch . You get more points for catching than you do gaining yards.
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