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Uniform Updates 5.0

Hey Uni-Fans, Born4Corn is passing the torch to me this year, he hasn't had as much time to dedicate to the thread as he has in the past. Hopefully we'll still get a couple of posts out of him as the season goes along.

This is a thread reporting uniforms that are missing from the game (just like the 4 versions before it). The goal is to provide an easy list for EA to reference in getting the unis into the game.

What's that You don't want to read the entire list!? Understandable, it is a long one, but that's why the "Find" feature exists. If you don't know what that is hold "Ctrl" and hit "F", a box should should appear somewhere on your screen (it varies from browser to browser), type in the team you are looking for and it will highlight and/or take you directly to that word. Keep in mind the school may be abbreviated. I believe its "Command" + "F" for apple but I could be wrong.

NOTE: If you post something that is already on the list, I will likely point out that it is already on the list. There is absolutely no need to take it personally when I tell you to "Read the list before posting next time" or some kind of variant because I say it to everyone who does not take the time to read the list. And the list does extend to the 2nd post, I am trying to keep specific information in the first post while reserving general info (conference patches, jersey template errors for multiple teams, etc.) for the 2nd post.

New List!!!!
Now that the Uniform Store has opened I will be making a new list featuring the uniforms that have been added in the third post. To avoid cluttering up the lists I will be removing them from their original spots. This will mean that just because you don't see it on the first post does not mean it has not been accounted for. This has been the case but there are bound to be some new guys on the thread posting about how it isn't on the list, just direct them to the 3rd post.

If you have any questions regarding how the uniforms will be added refer to the 3rd post. If you have any questions regarding rules/guidelines read the 4th Post.

New Uniforms (based on The Game!):
  • Air Force - Changing their default uniforms to look like the grey jerseys they introduced last season. No idea whether they will be opting for grey as their aways or if there will be a white jersey as well.
  • Arkansas State - White jersey (Back), Black Jersey. New matte helmet for their primary.
  • Army - New home uniforms no word on whether they will be updating their other looks (possibly adopting the Pro Combats for their away).
  • Ball State - Simplified their look, added a black alternate.
  • Boise State - Updated their away uniforms, took the PC's from last year and removed the blue sleeve and logo. Basically mirroring the left side (orange cuff with number), also dumped the PC shield in favor of the normal collar logo.
  • Bowling Green - New uniforms. White Helmets.
  • Central Michigan - Added black uniforms to their rotation, they added gold uniforms last year but never wore them, based on their inclusion in that press conference so they are definitely still in the rotation.
  • Colorado State - New uniforms, other versions later.
  • Duke - Added Blue helmets and Black helmets to their options. Have now worn them in real life. Second version of the Black helmets, with Blue decals.
  • Florida Atlantic - New Uniforms, same sleeve design as the ones used by Bowling Green and Eastern Michigan. Also have a Red version.
  • Fresno State - The sweater on the bulldog on their helmets is now red (instead of white).
  • Georgia Tech - White Helmets (note the comb pattern in gold). White Jerseys. Navy Jerseys. Gold Jerseys (no pics of the actual version yet). Gold pants are an option but they have yet to be worn. Gold Helmet is still an option, fairly certain there were no changes made to it. Another year with 2 white jerseys, potentially a second pair of white pants. Will post the pics of the home white jersey and the gold pants asap. Gold Jersey and 2nd white pants.
  • Houston - The school's name on the front of their jerseys is now bigger, and I assume the Collar logo has been updated. (Original, New). Helmet logo in the game is correct however the Shell should be a darker red with a metallic finish.
  • Illinois - Wore these matte Navy helmets against Penn State.
  • Kansas - Looks like they may have added some stripes or colored the cuffs on their jerseys. Have gone back to NOBs, "Kansas" on the front should be bigger, and it appears they have gotten rid of the TV numbers
  • LSU - Like all SEC teams they changed their conference logo, unlike the others they put it on their collar. Changed their Nose bumper from "TIGERS" to LSU.
  • Maryland - New Uniforms. Home. Away. Added a black helmet. Better Look at the white HelmetPants should have flag logo on them, they have also changed the piping on them to alternating bars of gold and black. Red Pants.
  • Michigan State - Wore hydrochrome helmets against Michigan.
  • Mizzou - They have a 4th pair of pants that were not in the first uniform pack. They are Anthracite (same color as the yolks on their away jerseys).
  • Navy - Now have the flywire collar, replacing the gold collar with a blue one. Added the N* logo to their pants, modified the anchor logo on the sleeves and made the "NAVY" across the chest smaller and changed the font.
  • NC State - Added NC to the S in State across their chest (Much like the logo used for their helmets), As noted below the numbers on the red jersey are too far apart and the numbers on both jerseys are not the correct font, they should both be fatter (unfortunately the pics are no longer available will remedy that as soon as possible).
  • Nevada - New helmets. Added a stripe.
  • New Mexico - New Helmet, not sure if its the new default or an alternate
  • New Mexico State - New uniforms.
  • North Carolina - 2 White helmets, same decals, one with a white facemask the other with a Navy facemask.
  • Northwestern - Wore these black helmets against Nebraska.
  • Notre Dame - Made their pants golder (as opposed to the yellowish-tan "gold" they wore last season).
  • Oklahoma State - Changed their "Gunsmoke" jerseys swapping the colors on the numbers (were orange with black outline, now black with orange outline). Different Grey helmet, with white face mask and white logo, the shell is actually "carbon fiber", similar to the ones oregon debuted back in 2009, however these do not give off a silver look like the ones used by UO. Orange Helmets with Pistol Pete on them.
  • Oregon - Included in Pack 1, but: Here's their green one. Note the numbers should not be the same color as the jersey as they currently are for both versions in the game. Its understandable if the iridescent effect can't be replicated in the game, but the number should at least be darker. Yellow helmets have a black facemask in the game, in real life they are mainly yellow with some chrome, should at least be yellow if 2-toned facemasks are not possible.
  • Pittsburgh - removed the names on the back.
  • Purdue - Changing their collar logo to their current train logo.
  • Rice - Switched to Adidas and change their look slightly.
  • San Diego State - New Uniforms.
  • San Jose State - New Helmet They added a spear for the center stripe of their helmet and changed the decal to simply the head of the spartan. Side View (you can barely see the center spear). Gold Jerseys.
  • SMU - New Uniforms. More views. Changed the Helmet Stripe.
  • TCU - Their new Anthracite jerseys (this design is repeated throughout their set, which they have worn since 2011, but are still not properly represented in the game). Hydrochrome helmets (chrome finish with the frog skin pattern)
  • Temple - Slight changes. Removed the T from the collar and put Temple across their chest. Have Cherry Pants as an option now. Black Uniforms.
  • Texas State - New Unis. They have gone with the Techfit.
  • Texas Tech - Changed the numbers on their black and red jerseys to white, making them easier to read, they appear to have kept the team name the same though.
  • Tulsa - New home jerseys to match the aways they introduced last year.
  • UAB - New Uniforms. Pants are a little more modern in design, and the helmet logo has been modified (UAB is more stylized) will post pics as soon as I find a source I can link to.
  • UCLA - new unis, could just be the lighting but it appears that they have darkened their light blue uniforms. Have changed the number font and the way they are colored (back to the drop shadows, and only 2 colors) added navy pants.
  • UMass - New all black uniforms. (Link confirming them). New home uniforms as well, and black helmet. Removed the black panel from the sides, likely did the same with the maroon on their aways. I can't tell if they got rid of the TV #s, appears to be the Techfit template.
  • UNLV - New Helmet, (back) New uniforms to go along with it. Grey Alternates, with corresponding helmets.
  • USC - Went with the pro template, no changes to design, but they should have the flywire collars now. New Socks.
  • Utah State (Rebrand)
  • Vanderbilt - New Unis. Now with a snazzy White helmet to go along with their black and gold ones.
  • West Virginia - Grey uniforms
Uniforms Worn Last Year not in Game (based on The Game!):
  • Boise State - They replaced their old pants with new ones (Broncos going down the side of each leg). Replaced their old blue jerseys plain ones with the gradient numbers we first saw in their 2010 Bowl game, and started wearing their 2011 Pro Combat jersey as their away jersey. They added a grey uniform (different from the 2010 Pro Combats) to their rotation as well, they have yet to wear the grey pants. The only thing that remained unchanged was their Orange jerseys (which still has the piping). Here's a gallery of all of them
  • Cincinnati- Black Uniforms should have numbers on the sleeves. They also wore Matte black helmets in their Bowl game (with numbers on the right side).
  • Georgia Tech - the new White Jerseys are all missing (no Gold Numbered one, nor the 2 they wore the rest of the season
  • Marshall - Modified their uniforms slightly, got rid of the 3-toned numbers on the homes in favor of white ones with a black outline, updated the font of their team name and added "the" (The Herd). Here are the away uniforms that will be worn this year.
  • Maryland - They wore a red jersey last season without a Gradient effect on the numbers at least twice, it looks much cleaner (Example, Another)
  • Michigan - Got rid of the 'tendrils' on their away uniforms, the line-men wore them in later games for some reason but the Techfits they adopted to start the season last year were tendril-less.
  • NCSU - Black uniforms (2 versions: A Breast Cancer Awareness version (Pink #s), Another version with Red and white numbers has yet to be worn)
  • Northern Illinois - Black Jerseys are missing from the game.
  • Oregon State - Not worn in 2011, but the 2010 Pro Combat uniforms are not in the game this year (was this by design EA?)
  • TCU - The template is in the game but none of the unis match the ones they wore last year or plan ot wear next year. They appear to have added some more helmet as well as a dark grey uni. LINK
  • UCLA - The #s for the Special uniforms in the game are identical to the ones used on Ohio State's 2010 Pro Combats, the problem with this is that while the font is similar they are still 2 different fonts (the most obvious difference being the 8's but if you compare each one you will see the differences).
  • Washington - Included in Pack 1
Uniform Pieces worn Last year that are missing:
  • Boston College - Gold Jersey, they were in last years game but were removed this year, they wore them against Clemson (9/29).
  • Mississippi State - Matte helmet worn against uga, Golden Egg Uniforms
  • Southern Miss - They wore 6 helmets last season, 4 in the regular season, 1 in the CUSA Championship and 1 in their Bowl Game. Helmet 1, Helmet 2, Helmet 3, Helmet 4.
  • Tennessee - White jerseys should have orange collars. Black Jersey missing (possibly by design)
  • Tulsa - Updated their road uniforms as well as the striping on their main helmet, and wore an alternate helmet (twice), as well as a throwback helmet which was worn with their Red throwbacks which have been removed despite being something that is worn every year. They also wore an alternate helmet for their bowl game.
  • UVA - Orange Helmets from Peach Bowl, also wore them in their season opener.
  • Washington - White Helmets (Also wore a Flag-ified version of the helmet)
  • Washington State - Missing both of their new helmets, both should be flat grey, no metallic finish and they shouldn't be matte, with grey facemasks. the only differences are the colors of the logos; Sparkling Crimson on one and a darker grey (but not the same shade as the dark grey on the uniforms) on the other. Pac-12 Logo needs to be added to all the new uniforms.
  • Wyoming - State Flag helmet
New Pieces (Confirmed):
New Pieces (Rumored):
  • Arizona State - Copper helmets/possible corresponding uniforms
  • Cincinnati - Matte Red Helmets.
  • Duke - A picture has been floating around featuring a Blue Helmet, and an all black helmet.
  • Florida Atlantic - Rumored to have red jerseys this year.
  • Illinois - Possible alternate helmet (another version), but there are pics that seem to suggest that they will be updating their normal helmet design as well. Apparently these changes will not occur until next year, I have moved this to the rumored section, in case they introduce any of them early.
  • Iowa State - White Helmets (Pic started circulating last year, apparently players have been tweeting it this year as well)
  • North Carolina - For years multiple helmets have been rumored, it appears that this year we will finally see the White helmets on the field (possibly other colors as well)
  • OK State - Orange helmets are rumored to be used, apparently they are unpopular which could mean they will look different if they ever make it to the field (i.e. change in design to make them look better)
  • Ole Miss - Rumored light blue helmets.
  • Syracuse - Rumored "Hydrochrome" helmet
Throwbacks/One-Offs (this list will only include unis to be worn this year) Flag-ified Uniform pieces (9/11 and other instances):
*this list does not include those worn prior to last year*
  • Air Force - (These are already in the game, this is a note to the readers)
  • Arkansas - LINK
  • Idaho - LINK
  • Iowa - LINK
  • Louisville - LINK(The pic is from 2010, but that's only because its the best view of the helmet, it was worn in 2011 as well)
  • Northwestern - LINK
  • Rice - LINK
  • Texas Tech - LINK
  • Toledo - LINK (that is post-game so there is quite a bit of scuffing)
  • Tulsa - LINK
  • Washington - LINK
  • Western Kentucky - LINK
  • Wyoming - LINK
Pink Uniform parts:
Corrections that need to be made:
  • Arizona State - The decals on the back of the Black and Gold helmets are missing, they should be identical to the ones found on the back of the White and Maroon helmets. PAC-12 logos need to be added to all the jerseys.
  • Florida State - They should have "FSU" in the school's custom font above the numbers on both the home and away uniforms.
  • Iowa State - The red and gold in the game is too bright, Real Life, In Game. Another shot in real life.
  • Michigan - The #s on the Blue 2 and Blue 3 helmets should be rounded as seen in these 2 pics: Blue 2, Blue 3. They are currently square.
  • Michigan State - For their Pro Combats - Numbers appear to be faded, and there is an outline on the helmet logo that shouldn't be there at all.
  • Minnesota - Gold Jersey should have "Minnesota" where the name is.
  • Nebraska - The stripes should be higher up on the sleeve, they are not visible if you select tight fit (the team wears the techfit jerseys, so users of the team tend to prefer the tight fit for their players), and they do not resemble the actual uniforms in normal view. They should be changed to the Techfit template as well as the cut in the game is outdated.
  • NC State - The helmet numbers on their Red Helmets are backwards. The numbers have to big of a gap between one another on the red jerseys, oddly they are fine on the away jerseys. The numbers should also be fatter on all their current jerseys.
  • Notre Dame - Current Gold helmets are too dark, the 10 Gold helmets better resemble their actual helmets in terms of shade, but it appears the Current Gold helmets are more accurate in terms of how the light reflects off of them (they are just far too dark). In Real Life. In the Game
  • OK State - their black uniforms have multiple shades of black, and it does not look good during the day. I will test how it looks at night later. Here's how they should look in the sun. Grey helmets should have black in the empty space on the logo.
  • Oregon - Fighting Ducks uniforms should have "Fighting Ducks" in yellow across the chest above the numbers. Link. Also there are 2 mini duck logos in the number area, those need to be removed, and the Pac-12 Logo Needs to be added to the jersey. The 9s have been wrong since the game added the Winged jerseys, they should have a serif, but instead they are essentially upside down 6s. Only the 2nd Carbon Helmet is correct, the 1st one (and most worn of the 2) is too dark. There also seems to be some differences in the placing and sizing of the O on the helmets, this is based off of Teambuilder. I know that often things look different in the game than they present in Teambuilder but it is hard to compare all of them to make sure they are a consistent size on our end, and it does appear that at least a few of them are different sizes. The Green 2 jerseys (Rose Bowl jerseys) need some work: the feather design on the shoulders is only a lighter shade of green as opposed to being a translucent reflective material (don't know if this is replicable in the game but odds are their new set which will likely debut this season will have this same design so its something that should be at least be looked into), and the numbers are not iridescent like they should be. They should be almost a metallic green that has black splotches visible depending on the light/angle they are being viewed (much like their green helmets). Once again this may not be completely replicable, if its not then the green used for the numbers should be darkened, as the numbers never match the green of the jerseys in real life, but in the game they look exactly the same.
  • Penn State - Will have Names on the back.
  • Stanford - the stripes are missing from their white pants, they were correct in last year's version.
  • Tennessee - Unless they have changed uniforms since last year their number should be on the shoulders not on the sleeves. The Orange needs to be darkened, at the moment it looks yellowish and washed out.
  • UConn - They have gone back to putting the players' names on their jerseys.
  • Virginia Tech - The orange helmets you currently have in the game are based off the ones worn in the 2011 Orange Bowl. They wore a different version during the 2011 season, where the stripes went White/Orange/White matching the pant and shoulder stripes on the orange pieces. They've worn each once, but it seems logical that they will stick with the one that matches their uniforms going forward. Also their away uniforms should have names on the back.
  • Western Kentucky - All 3 of their uniforms should have names on the back. Additionally the 'WKU' should be larger, bolder and italicized than it is in the game. Red: Game, Actual. White: Game, Actual. Silver: Actual.
  • Wyoming - Number font for their Brown Jerseys, and "10 White" jerseys is wrong. Reality. Game (pic coming soon). The font should by identical to the one used for their Gold, and White jerseys.
  • NC State - the Numbers are backwards on their red helmets they appear in the correct order, so 27 = Backwards 2, Backwards 7 (as opposed to 27 mirrored). #s are spaced too far apart on the red jerseys.
  • Ohio State - Helmet #s on the right side (possibly the left) the numbers are arranged wrong (the helmet for #12 reads as 21)
  • Virginia Tech - The 10 Pro Combat Helmets (black ones), are glossy at all times during the day. Several of us have noticed that the matte helmets appear glossy at night but fine during the day (something that may not be correctable at this point), but in this case they never present correctly. The current Orange jerseys have #s on both the sleeves (Where they should be) and the shoulder (overlapping the UCLA stripes on the shoulders). **
**Based on the Loading Screen advertising Online Dynasty, which shows both Oklahoma State and Baylor suffering from the same issue, it appears this is not an isolated incident, will alert you of any other teams that have this same issue. OK State and Baylor have been fixed since that screen was captured.
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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Stop Posting/Commenting about Texas's Practice Uniforms!!!
They are not game uniforms, they will never be game uniforms, the players want newer, fancier threads, the school and its alumni don't want their classic look being tampered with. To please both parties they got modern practice uniforms. Texas has no intentions of wearing any other uniforms on gameday. Seriously you guys, this thread has been flooded with those pictures, and every time we get a new crop of readers who haven't been along for the whole ride who react to them. The regular visitors to this thread avoid discussing it in hopes that something, that was put to rest in the 4.0 thread, as well as multiple times already in the current, 5.0 thread, will finally die. This is what they look like.

New Conference Patches:

  • The SEC changed their logo patches to the circular versions found on their fields. The only pics we have so far are from the new uniforms that have already been unveiled (Arkansas, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Vandy).
  • Iowa State is missing the Big 12 logo from all of their uniforms, including the gold alternate.
  • There are several Instances of teams with new uniforms where the conference patches were not included.
  • All of the teams making the leap from FCS to FBS will need their conference patches as well (UTSA, UMass, Texas State)
  • The Big Ten is adding the B1G patch to all of their uniforms, presumably they will all look like the one in this pic, replacing the Red with the schools' colors.
  • Many Teams that have gotten new uniforms this year and last year do not have their Conference's patches. Will update the list as more get reported:
    • Maryland - The patch is on their state pride uniforms but none of their normal uniforms.
Adidas Techfit
Adidas changed the collar for the majority of their techfit users, it is no more of a V collar than the previous version. Will list those as it becomes clearer who has adopted the new collar and who hasn't.

Funky (1's)
For years a handful of teams have had funky 1's. This has been going on since 09 possibly sooner. Below is a list of all the teams that have the way too fat 1s. (Pics eventually).
  • Mizzou (shouldn't be an issue once their new unis are in)
  • Nebraska
  • Tulane
  • UCLA
  • Wisconsin
Fly Wire Issues:
Nike updated their Pro template in time for the 2010 Bowl Season (the design was shown off by a few select bowl teams, including Oregon who was vying for the National Title, Boise State, and Florida who wore essentially their regular uniform but with the new cut) the update involved making the collar wider and larger in appearance but lighter and more significant in holding the jersey together. The uniforms listed below should have the new template with the new collar design, instead of the old template with the fly-wire pattern applied to it.

Pro Combats without the proper Fly Wire Collar

  • Army
  • Boise State (White 11 PC)
  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • Oregon
  • Stanford
Regular Uniforms missing the collar in the game
  • Arizona State (all 3)
  • Boise State
    • Their away jerseys (11 PCs)
    • Blue Jerseys
    • Grey Jerseys (not the Pro Combat version)
  • Kentucky (all 3)
  • Minnesota (all 3)
  • Oklahoma State (all 3)
  • Oregon
    • Fighting Ducks Jerseys
    • Rose Bowl Jerseys
  • Purdue (both)
  • TCU (all)
  • Washington State (all)
Teams Who have adopted the Flywire Collar this year
  • BYU
  • Navy
  • USC
*** it appears some are presenting with old collar size in Teambuilder but have the correct Fly-Wire collar in the game. I will update the list over the next few days (probably sometime on 7/16).

Matte Helmets
Several Matte helmets are appearing glossy during night games, and games with heavy cloud coverage. They appear fine in the daylight though. Will compile a list soon.

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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Uniform Store:
It launched on the 360 9/6, and will be available on 9/18 for the PS3. This has to do with the fact that the developers released a title update to allow them to have more uniforms in each pack they offer for download. The update passed Xbox's approval process quickly but the same could not be said for Sony's side of things. Expect future Uniform Packs to go live at the same time for both systems as there is no approval process for those (and thus neither network can unintentionally cause a delay).

I long suspected, based on the wording used by the developers, that the "default uniforms" would consist of their base set, not just the home and away uniforms, while the Alternates (the ones that would cost money) would be the one-offs, throwbacks etc. That certainly seems to be supported by the contents of the first uniform pack. Arkansas, Eastern Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, and Rutgers have all their uniforms, despite teams like Oregon having 6 new jerseys and 4 new helmets. So in theory (both based on the wording used by the developers and the contents of the first pack), Georgia Tech will have its 3 new Jerseys, 2 pants and 2 helmets at no coast, but if they were to do a throwback game (just an example) this year, the throwbacks would have to be purchased. We'll see as the season moves along.


Uniform Pack 1:

  • Arizona - finally correct!
  • Arkansas
  • Eastern Michigan - all their combos are available
  • FIU
  • Mississippi State
  • Missouri - All their combos (inlcuding the gold jersey and matte helmet)
  • Northwestern
  • Oregon
  • Rutgers
  • Texas A&M

Adidas Strategy Pack (80 MSP, $1 PS3):

  • Michigan - the uniforms they wore against Alabama (including the socks)
  • Notre Dame - Their New gold pants (hopefully they include these in a free pack considering they aren't special edition), a helmet that may or may not be worn later this year (the hexagonal helmets but without the clovers). Strangely no socks
*** The uniforms will not replace the ones already in the game, you will still be able to select the uniforms that came with the game (so you can still use SMU's awesome uniforms with the option to select the new ones). However, the default uniform settings will be updated, so if you play against Oregon and don't bother to mess with their uniforms they will still be wearing the new design. So people with Online Dynasties, and those playing RTG/Heisman challenge will see the updates reflected despite not being able to select their opponent's uniforms!
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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Some Rules:
This is first and foremost a tool for EA to use, discussion of Uniforms is welcomed and heartily encouraged, but not when it devolves into company, or person bashing.

1. Before suggesting any uniforms/pieces refer to the ^List^ as well as Teambuilder. We will not list uniforms/pieces that are already in the game for Obvious Reasons.

2. You can discuss the uniforms, it makes the board more lively, but keep it constructive. Comments should be limited to how the uniforms look or commentary on trends (i.e. BFBS, GFGS), and reporting items for the list. EA should not be personally attacked, occasional groans about items missing are okay but do not make them a habit or get too negative with them.

3. Do not attack the suppliers, your personal vendettas against Nike/Adidas/Under Armor/Russell Athletic do not need to spill over onto this thread. You can certainly criticize the companies for their designs or tactics, but we don't need long spats, and there should be no claims that any of them are Evil or some variation of that sentiment. The schools ultimately decide what they wear, which means a bad look is not simply the designers fault.

4. We don't need to hear about so-called 'Corporate Douchebaggery.' Not only does it cause most of us to roll our eyes, odds are we've already read that opinion on Uni Watch (Paul Lukas has a better grasp on that concept which means its a little less annoying to hear it from him, but it gets tiring when people attach that tag to situations that don't apply). And those angry at PL, I can sympathize you from time to time; he is opinionated, and I do find myself disagreeing with quite a few of his opinions, but do not attack him for his views. He has a blog and a column on ESPN, he does not claim to be the end all be all when it comes to uniforms, he just happens to be the foremost authority and has an inside track on the going-ons. He is always giving his opinion and does acknowledge that doesn't mean he is necessarily right
5. I don't need pictures for things already on the list, unless I specifically ask for one. When the season gets going or when some of the newer unis get introduced it's fine to post pics and opinions, but I don't want this thread getting clogged up with stuff that has already been used (I will be providing those pics on my own). Example: Someone posted a pic of a new Texas A&M helmet, this is perfectly acceptable, however posting a pic of Washington's White helmets or their home uniform is unnecessary and will only clog the thread up.

6. Please read the posts from your fellow OSers. There's a chance what you are posting has already been posted, and each duplicate,tripiclate or whatever-plate post makes this thread longer which makes it harder for me (and others) to go back and see what needs to be added (we don't want a uniform getting buried)

7. Please, Do Not list one-time uniforms worn Last Year, this includes Throwbacks and Wounded Warrior uniforms. EA doesn't tend to add these in because they are not even an option after the season they are worn (99% of the schools who have those kinds of uniforms auction them off either immediately following that game, or at the end of the season). This goes double for Wounded Warrior uniforms, there are new ones every year and for the most part the same teams always get them. I will add throwbacks and special one-time uniforms that will be worn this season to the list, in the hopes that EA can add stuff into the game (i.e. they could actually be an option for this season).

8. I can, and will, tell you to stay on topic if need be, its not a job reserved for the moderators, who normally don't chime in until the thread is on the verge of being closed. It's our job (the posters) to make sure we never get to that "final warning".

9. The list of rules may grow if activity on the thread requires it.

10. If it's your first night you have to fight

Thank you Born4Corn, and WatsonTiger for providing some pretty good guidelines.

If you really want to bash uniform suppliers WatsonTiger has provided a link to a thread that is better suited for that:
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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

The 3 Missing uniform pieces I noticed the most

-Tennessee's Black Jersey
-Boston College's Gold Alternate Jersey
-Louisville Black Jersey

None seem to be on Teambuilder 13, Im really hoping its a mistake by EA so I'm keeping hope that they just forgot to put them on the site and they are in the game
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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Let me know when you want the 4.0 thread locked. I will link the last post to this thread.


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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Thanks Iceman!

I'm praying our white helmets will be fixed, but I'm not as sensitive about the pants cuz I think it looks better w/ the A on them.

Copper helmets have been confirmed as well for us with a uniform to match (I have a photo of it but swore not to leak it). I also know for a fact we'll have red helmets as well (a pic has leaked) although our A.D. is denying it, he's basically lying.
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Re: Uniform Updates 5.0

Originally Posted by Iceman87GT
Georgia Tech - the new White Jerseys are all missing (no Gold Numbered one, no regular home with updated number style, and no away white (with Navy accents))
Typical. Sucks they're unveiling our new ones on gameday. They'll hopefully be in NCAA 15.
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