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Changing teams

I know that at the end of the season other teams will offer you the head coaching job. I'm starting to get tired of my current dynasty, and I would like to think about switching teams. Other than accepting the offer, is it possible to quit your current job and choose from other teams?

I know I could start a new dynasty, but I was wondering if you could potentially switch without having to restart the game.
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Re: Changing teams

Yes, but they're usually the really bad teams. The offers you get are often from good teams that maybe had an off year. The teams you can switch to on your own are the really bad ones that have had bad year after bad year. An example might be Duke (they lost 39 in a row at one point in my dynasty), UTEP, Navy, etc. Lots of 1-star teams.
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Re: Changing teams

After the pre-season stuff, go to the coach options under contract. You have a button to press if you want to resign. Then you can choose any team you want that has a prestige rating that equal to yours or lower. If I'm not mistaken, you take a prestige hit if you resign before your contract is up though.
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Re: Changing teams

When I resigned at UConn, I had built them up to six-star prestige. My 12-year contract was not yet up, so after sitting out a year, the schools available to me all had five-star prestige or lower.
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