Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

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Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

Most everyone agrees that blocking engagements should be the main focus in Ncaa 14, but many do not describe what it should be like or how it should be applied. I will attempt to do so and I hope u guys will chime in if u agree or disagree.

As the game plays now, blocking remains stiff and sticky. Once u get engaged there is not much u can do except attempt a dline move or manuever urself sideways/backwards to disengage from the blocker. There is minimal movement back and forth and no movement horizontally. Pass protection is stale because of Offensive tackles that produce the paddy cake animation, which takes too long to occur allowing the QB to throw the ball without pressure. Dt's don't get any push (neither do DE's) allowing the QB to sit in the pocket comfortably. All these issues have been discussed. And now I will offer an image/idea of what blocking should be like in the next installment of NCAA.

There needs to be more involvement when engaged in a blocking engagement. When engaged, there has to be more control than just pressing the right stick in a direction and hoping it works. My suggestion is that the movement of the L stick, when engaged, should be important in regards to the blocking outcomes.

The movement of the L stick within an engagement should determine the direction and movement of the block. For example, If im a DT and the offense runs right, once I engage I should be able to manuever the block towards the runner, if the blocker also "agrees" to move it that way. once engaged if i move the L stick right towards the runner and the blocker also moves the L stick right then the block would move horizontally towards the right. If the blocker does not compensate for my movement towards the right then I will gain an angle towards the RB, which will eventually allow me a better chance to disengage the block depending on how the blocker recovers. Lets say I gain the initial advantage in the block by pushing my L stick right earlier then the blocker. we would remain in the block until my angle towards the RB or whatever direction im heading forces him to hold me. Lets say the blocker get the initial advantage and gets to the right of me in our engagement. Now i must manuever the stick back and to the right to allow myself to follow up the play, however I will be losing ground because the blocker is moving me back faster but my goal would be to pursue the ball carrier. moving the L stick backwards allows me to recover much like how the blocker would recover if I initially beat him to the right. Once engaged, u won't always be allowed to disengage a block by moving backwards. (sometimes u would because the blocker would no longer pursue u if u ran directly backwards) To disengage u will have to use a disengage move, like the ones that are in the game now or u move ur defender at such an angle that would make him hold u, thus making him let go. Essentially u could remain in a block for the entire width of the field. however this would almost never happen because of attribute effects and pursuit angles.

So now we have a framework for attributes to take affect for blockers and blockees. Strength dictates the back and forth. Accleration affects back and forth because of the initial burst off the line, and pass blocking because the initial burst backwards to get in good position for the pass block. Run and pass blocking would allow u to get in the correct position/angle for the block and to sustain that position. And so on. For all of this to work tacklers have to be able to tackle while engaged in a block. the infinity engine allows this. I understand the cpu would not be controlling the blocker, however in theory they are moving an imaginary L stick.

2 man pass blocking could be implemented with this idea. The two blockers would provide a new pivot point two where the defender would have to negotiate around or through. So if the blockers were close together they would be able to push the defender backwards more effectively but would reduce the radius around them. If the blockers were spread apart a little, it would give the defender an opprutunity to burst through but would make the radius around them bigger, thus making getting around them harder. Of course the lineman and defender would constantly be adjusting, so the positioning and pivot point would change quite often.

Signifcantly reduce the amount of blockers and blockees falling down. This should only happen when their are tremendous attribute mismatches within the block (LT vs CB).

In the future take into account momentum of the blockers.

Introduce many new animations to blocking engagements that will allow these blocking scenarios to be expressed. It shouldn't even feel like an animation, it should feel like one continual motion between two players.

Stop the win or lose scenarios when a dline move is used. the moves should help u either gain an angle or disengage, if u use one and it isn't successful, perhaps u lose ground or an angles rather than falling on the ground.

In conclusion, I have introduced an application of blocking engagements that will eliminate sticky blocks, will create a pocket that will allow pressure, but doesn't necessarily always result in a sack. an application that allows dlineman to pursue the run game horizontally, and while still engaged in a block. significantly reduces win or loss scenarios and keeps blockers and blockees on their feet.

Ill address player movement later. tell me what u think. hopefully this idea will gain some steam.

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Old 09-12-2012, 09:12 AM   #2
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Re: Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

I'll believe it when I see it.

It's funny, the CPU blocking for your team is worse on Heisman than it is on AA. If I see my FB or pulling G run right past a guy, then turn back IN THE HOLE I'm going to snap the disk in half.

Wait, no I won't, because it'll happen the VERY NEXT time I run the ball. Ugh.
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Re: Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

We've asked for this for the last (at least) 4-years.
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Re: Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

They need to remove the speed burst all together to resolve alot of the issues with line blocking. Next the need to add many more animations for the dline. The oline has alot but not the dline. I also think handoff timings come into play as there are many plays where u can slow down after handoff and the fb and tes will pick up blocks perfect. If u speed burst or run at wrong angle it confuses the blockers that are goimg second level. I think the blocking is way overpowered once u figure out the speed burst issue. I had hum run block at 20 and threshold on 85 on heisman and could run at will. I run the option now just slow me down.

Remember all the plays have a designed defensive techique that they are supposed to attack. Always run dives and power o to the 3 & 7 tech for example. This makes the game way to easy to run. This needs to be fixed with better blocking assignments.
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I think with the physics system being a certainty they have to address this problem. There is no reason this should be left as is. It should be totally free form. On thing that bothers me is how they never engage someone not close enough to kiss. And also engaging should happen on all sides and not just on the scripted areas. IDK how many times a simple push would have sprung my RB and they are in position to do it but run pass the play. And the blocking of FBs, pulling lineman and certain option plays SUCK!!!
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Re: Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

Also the fact that the defense plays so agressive on half and makes it tougher to run. The next half the play back and u can run all over. But u always know what they are doing by how many are in box against cpu. And then if u run 20 to 30 times in first three quarters the d will be so tired in 4th that u can run every play and dominate them.
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Re: Ncaa 14-Blocking engagements overhaul should be the biggest gameplay focus

Completely agree. It should be the same with both NCAA and Madden next year. Especially if NCAA gets the Infinity Engine next year.
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