couple of new things I have noticed....

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couple of new things I have noticed....

Couple of comments about the game. First off, let me say that this is by FAR, the most entertaining video game that I have ever played. I play with a friend in dynasty mode which really makes things fun because we compete for stats/trophies/recruits/bowl games. I get to learn from him and vice versa.

I have now completed about 8 seasons in this game. What I have noticed is a huge momentum factor that seems to play out in virtually every aspect of the game. Everything from blocking to catching to interceptions seem to have a momentum factor to it. In my first season with Michigan I had about 30 INTs through the season. I was getting them like crazy. In the past 2 seasons I have upgraded at DB yet I am unable to get the INTs that I once got with lesser personel. Shazor had 9 INTs for me in his sophomore year and now in his senior year with an over all of 99, he can't catch a cold. Seems really weird and frustrating to me.

Well that is all I feel like commenting on right now. It is the only thing that I can gripe about my team. The rest of my game is AWESOME. I should make my first national championship bowl appearance this year if I am not knocked off again like the two previous years at the end of the season. My running game is so much better this year that I don't see that happening.
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Re: couple of new things I have noticed....

I think part of that is the AI. I noticed that when I my freshman FS had a great year (9 INT's I believe) the next season teams stayed away from him. They threw to the other side more and just generally wouldn't throw it with him in the area. On the other hand, my SS had a great year that season, coming up with 7 or 8 INT's. Now in the third season (same guy at FS, he started his freshman year), they're throwing more to the other side again and he's getting picks. I think he has 5 or 6 through 8 games. That's one of the things I love about this game is that the AI will change their gameplan based on how you play. Even though I've bumped up the CPU's RB ability and run blocking, they still won't attempt to run much on me because my run defense is so good. They typically come out passing right out of the gates. On the other hand, if they try to run and have some success, they stick with it until I prove I can stop them. It's just fun to watch. You have to sit there and think how long can I run the 4-4 to stop the run before they start throwing deep?

I also love reading defenses. When I see a safety start drifting one way, I know that my man on that side has 1 on 1 coverage and that if I time the pass right it's an automatic TD. On the other hand, if I throw that way a few times successfully, suddenly the safety is rolling the other way and double teaming that WR. The AI is good enough that I literally have to set up a progression before the snap. I'll use the coach's cam and decide which order I'm going to look at guys in. Soce is right, this is the best football game ever. I'm seriously considering returning Madden, I haven't played it in weeks.
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