Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

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Old 12-20-2003, 06:27 PM   #9
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

I have some success with pitches, epsecially near the goal line. Like rocker said, you can't just expect to beat everyone around the end, you've got to get up field. It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope you catch my drift.
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

I agree with some points.
Tosses in general are a waste of time. Other plays work so much better that there's no point in trying to get a toss play to work unless you really really want to see it.
Run blocking is ok, but sometimes it's terrible where blockers completely just run past blocks that would have sprung the run.
The way ball carriers run out of steam is extremely badly disproportional to everyone else. So much so, I wish I could set different in/out suto-sub % just for running backs.

Half the post is about how bad catching and RAC is though... and personally I only agree that there's one animation that really sucks. The one where the receiver angles back and twists his body to make a catch, then his momentum carries him about three yards back, and you have wait a millenium til you can get him to start running and it's usually too late... and lots of times it looks like the receiver didn't have to do all that to make the catch.

My guys catch the ball ok. Most of the time I'm confident enough they'll catch it.
And my fast receivers have broken some big run after catches. They do it every game. If you manage to lead the ball in the right direction (including sometimes not leading) they catch it pretty fluidly. Takes practice though.

There are other quirks too. But what football video game doesn't have its problems? I think it's getting less and less though. I really like this game because there is quite a bit of dynamic movement and there are so many different things that can happen during a play. I thought last year's game was great, but this year's one surprised me by how much it stepped up in gameplay to make it feel more fluid and natural. Hopefully there will be a lot of improvements in future versions too.
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks


I played NCAA awhile when it 1st came out but then it got on my nerves pretty quickly much to my surprise. I recently picked it up again because I read people raving about it on this forum. I think most people are blinded by their love for the college game and the fluff it contains and are overlooking some major flaws. The running game is flat out atrocious both with human and AI controlled teams. Unless you are running the option or have a back rated over 90 in speed, pitch outs are a waste of a down. How this can be overlooked by everyone is beyond me. Run blocking, juke moves (number of animations in general involving the ground game are way too limited), endurance of backs are all done very poorly IMHO. When have you ever seen a quality back's effectiveness decrease as much as it does with just a couple of carries? Come on now! This needs addressed. Another glaring problem is YAC can be virtually non-existant at higher levels even with Roy Williams. Couple of computer cheats are in place to make sure this is the case. Anybody that's ever played this game at length has seen them. The first cheat involves a 99 rated Roy Williams coming across the middle wide open with lots of open field to get YAC but low and behold he drops a perfectly thrown ball. I turned the slider up and it still happens at an alarming rate. Come on! How can a problem get anymore glaring than this and still make it into the final product? This is supposed to depict college football where bigtime players explode for exciting gains in the open field. Why on earth would you put a cheat in the game to limit this stuff? Cheat 2 involves quarterback accuracy or the untimely lack there of by even the highest rated QB's when a receiver is wide open and they either throw the ball too high or behind the guy which gives the defence time to recover and again prevents the big and exciting play. Very poor. The touted ability to lead receivers in this years game isn't implemented as advertised in my opinion. What's weird is I think that the Madden 2004 engine is actually better suited for the college game in a lot of ways because of the wide open big play style that it portrays. I hope NCAA upgrades so the aforementioned can be toned down and impact players have gamebreaking ability like they should in the college game. With that being said I really like the DB play in this game as well as the presentation. These problems cause me to do the same things over and over and really hurt the variety factor on a game to game basis. It really starts to feel like the same old thing over and over again even with the different teams.

Paragraphs are your friend. This is like trying to read Dickens with a hangover.

Some valid points, however. The flaws in this game are certainly evident--no game is perfect. Hell, no game is even close to being perfect. It's just a matter of what you are willing to put up with. The pluses in NCAA 2004 far outweigh the negatives. Not even close. In regards to specific points:

-The toss play can most definately work, but it's a low precentage run, I agree. It helps if you don't hit sprint as soon as you get the ball and the toss works best if you cut it up rather than trying to take it to the sideline.

-YAC is an issue. W/O a doubt. But it's a lose/lose situation because as players, we can easily see the entire field whereas a real QB doesn't have the same vantage point. My yards per game (passing) is very good (realistic) and if we had tons of YAC, pass yards would be through the roof. That said, I get very good YAC on certain types of plays, just not as often as in real football. I wish the DBs didn't have the amazing recovery speed that they do in this game (and in Madden for that matter) but again it's all a matter of what you can live with.

As for being blinded by fluff, well I have no idea what thet means but I do know I'd rather play NCAA 2004 than any other video/arcade football game, going back to Intellivision football. If that's being blind, then pass me the walking stick.
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

I appreciate everyone's feedback. There is a lot to like about this game. I going to take a lot of these suggestions, I've seen some good ones here, and give them a try. I'm willing to admit I may need a different approach in some caes. Thanks for responding.
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Old 12-23-2003, 03:32 AM   #13
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

I think the gameplay is almost perfect (it is a video game ya know).
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks


Paragraphs are your friend. This is like trying to read Dickens with a hangover.

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I'm not on InstantFace.
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Re: Frustrating NCAA Gameplay Quirks

Well, I agree with you (original poster) to a degree. YAC could be improved, and pitch outs are unproportionally unsuccessful. Like EVERY football video game that I have played since the atari days, there are a handful of plays that seem to be overwhelmingly prone to fail, and a set of plays that seem to have unrealistic success regardless of the teams and circumstances involved. Definate room for improvement here.

But I think you are a little critical of the game and its "fluff". Gameplay is important, but to be honest, I can accept a few quirks in exchange for all the schools, fight songs, stats, bowls, SI covers, BCS, etc. To me, the pagaentry and excitement of college football interest me more than the X's and O's.

Unfortunately, EA doesn't seem to aggresively change things unless they are really under the gun, and that is not they case with college football. I would expect that pitchouts will be equally fail prone next year as they were in NCAA 96 on the genesis and probably every iteration in between.
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