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Re: Road To Glory - High School Stadiums

Originally Posted by ranman1982
More people care about game play and graphics and not high school stadiums. Especially from a specific state, sorry you're in the minority.
See, these kind of responses are not only annoying but absolutely pointless. No where in my post did I ever state that I think High School Stadiums should receive more attention or importance than Gameplay or Graphics. Simply because one makes a thread that doesn't revolve around Gameplay or Graphics, doesn't mean they don't value Gameplay and/or Graphics more than the topic they've brought up. Not to mention, including more stadiums (Again, not that I'm complaining) would have absolutely nothing to do with Gameplay and/or Graphics as those are handled in different departments. Those working on Gameplay, don't work on the Stadiums and Playing Characters as well.

Originally Posted by bb9
Stadium size, plus different surroundings to choose from, similar to the older games would be pretty cool. With more choices of course.
Agreed, it seems like it could be fairly simple.

Originally Posted by moylan
I really wish EA could take every existing HS stadium on there and just add more seats to each of them across the board to give us some actual college sized stadiums to chose from. I hear what you're saying in regards to RTG and Texas that definitely makes sense, but for me the biggest issue is tied into my teambuilder teams. I can upload 12 to dynasty, but those 12 basically have to share 3 or 4 stadiums because there's just a lack of quality stadiums to choose from. Giving us larger versions of the stadiums on there would go such a long way in making TB a more fun feature to use. The other thing would be fixing your home crowd to look correct regardless of which home stadium you choose.
That's a really good point and I didn't even factor in how helpful it could be for Teambuilder uploads. Take a look at these stadiums just as an example:

Those all could house smaller Universities.
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Re: Road To Glory - High School Stadiums

Where will it stop if Texas gets their own high school stadiums? What than people from other states will ask about California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Florida? I believe that those state produce a lot of college recruits. Realistically they can only do so much and can't please everyone. Instead maybe a stadium editor or a custom creator? You never mention that but instead you make out since HS football is big in Texas, that EA has to cater to a specific state.
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