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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

How difficult is it to recruit a fullback? In years past they wasn't many
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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

Originally Posted by hazey
Leads me to believe 2 things.

1) The computer does not use any remaining points that you don't use, considering they are getting some points anyways. (however using my all offense dynasty the computer targeted 10 defensive guys and only 1 had 50 points by him. Either I did that by accident or the computer does use some.)

2) Having 35 guys on your list is a good thing even if you are only actively targeting 10 of them or so.
Great point.

Make sure to start with 35 when you set up your board in the preseason so that you get as many prospects scouted as possible. You can eliminate the busts and undesirables in week 1 and clean up your board.

Also, assuming you're using the go-hard-after-12-or-15 method...if you have a position of extreme need, put several of those players on your board in the preseason so you can get them scouted and zero in on the ones you really like.

I like to set up my board with about 12 targets and then go on a "gem hunt" for the player types I like -- speed backs, fast LBs, etc.
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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

Originally Posted by georgiafan
How difficult is it to recruit a fullback? In years past they wasn't many
There are some decent ones out there. You have to go at them hard though.

I grabbed the top FB this season in like week 10. He is a 3* and was not interested in the start. I put 700 points into him every week though.
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I play as Florida so it's a bit easy, but that being said I find it hard to just focus on 10 or guys when there are at least 20 or more that have me top 3-5

I haven't tried a dynasty yet in 14 because I want named rosters, but they may not be for a bit. So I might just jump on Dynasty soon and try it
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Originally Posted by Fuimus Troes
Make sure to turn autosave OFF so you can reload if that happens.

Sounds cheap, but it's better than having to start over...
Yea I'm goin to do that when I start my real dynasty lol right now I'm just trying to test out different strategies an etc lol
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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

In 13 I kept having the issue of a lot of lower rated players signing on with me even if they weren't on my board or given a scholarship. I had all CPU assistance off so I don't know how it kept happening, has this been fixed in 14?
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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

Originally Posted by Soonerfan14
So I jut did my first offseason...had about 9 guys left on my board...the guys I really want I put 2,500 on each and the lesser guys I put 1,250...I landed none of them! What!?! I'm OU for Christs sake...and two or three were position of needs I was leading all year long....I basically just am going to restart my Dynasty an just practice on recruiting now lol
It does not matter you have to assume that teams have finish all of their recruiting in the regular season.So you can be OU and put 2000 in each but everybody else is just looking for one or two players.So it is your 2000 points against somebody 9,000 to 15000 points

So far tips are

- Focus 10 to 15 players on your recruiting boards,but make sure to fill out your board players get recruiting bonus even if you have zero

- Go into off season with all the players you want already signed,you want only one or two players to sign in off season,So you can put heavy amount points into players in the offseason

-Dump all points into recruiting coach skills

-If you want a rivalry game about in week 6 to 8,So if have a rival you can schedule put them in around that spot that is about the time where the bars almost reach to full for a player.Nothing suck more than knowing will sign a player once they come in for their visit but sign before the game happens because your rivalry game is later on
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Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14)

Originally Posted by Strategizer
Those things have little to do with my success. As the season progresses, you can view the recruit list and see who isn't being recruited. I focused on 4*'s who were below 30% locked several weeks into the season. For most of these guys, the bonus points were less than 100 for me, but it didn't matter because no one else was recruiting them. This is how it was last year as well.
If you're going 10-0 or 11-0 and recruiting top tier players, you will get some to sign with u.. I find it hard to believe recruiting can be THAT easy. I am running a WKU test dynasty for my slider testing but also doing full recruiting to get the ha g of it. I will keep my eyes open, but the top players I'm going after r certainly all being recruited heavily.... The lower ones like 65 ovr or less are not being touched in week 2, nor should they be.....
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