Recruiting Strategy and Experience

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Recruiting Strategy and Experience

Hey guys I am done with my first season of recruiting. What I have notice is that you need to max out point on every player. It is possible to land a recruit without doing this but chance are slim you won't be over taking by another school since they are also maxing out point on all there players. This is where the bonus really matter alot. If you are recruiting against a school that has a higher bonus than you. You might want to focus on anothe recruit or schedule a visit as soon as you hit over 95 percent on there ranking for a chance of a commitment. If the cpu get there first with the higher bonus and gets the first visit then you most likely will lose that recruit. Bonus are huge right now with recruiting. Pay attention to that.

I only played one season over the next couple of season I will pay more attention and test out at what percent is ideal to bring in a recruit for a visit. However, if the CPU get the first visit and they are number 1 on the board chances are high after the 7th week they will land a instant commit. I go after top recruits so I do not know if this is the same for low level 4,3 and 2 stars.

My review of recruited right now is that I think it is somewhat broken I have ran into a couple of unbelievable steals by the CPU. This happened 2 times this season for me. One of these times I was up by 1400+points on Ohio State. They schedule a visit for the number 1 WR in the country. I was that WR 1st interested devoted all my points to that WR schedule a visit for that player in week 10. Ohio state got the first visit on week 7 and they got an instant commit. They ended up with +200 points above me. That was at least a 1700+ swing in one week. I say this because I obviously had a higher bonus then them. I simmed this week 4 times it showed the same result no difference in points what so ever.

I have had multiple visits playing as Alabama I have not had that high of a point go to a recruit during a visit. The higherst point total I have had was around 1300 to 1400 points in Week 10. This was week 7, if the statement that EA has claimed that you get a higher bonus later in the season. I should be getting higher points then a Ohio State visit in week 7. There was another bug that I found. I had maxed points in another player recruited against Ohio State also for that player. I had a higher bonus then Ohio State for that player. However, Ohio state in week 9 was 800points ahead of me. If both of us were maxed out on points for the recruit and I had a higher bonus. Then how can Ohio state gain a 800 point difference over me without a visit? This seems bugged also.

After my first season I ended the season with 9 recruits. I have not dived into Offseason recruiting but I do not see me picking up 11 more players with what other have said about the offseason. There needs to be an adjustment to recruiting and how the CPU recruits. Throwing max points towards recruits should not be a strategy players and the CPU should have to do. If this is the strategy then we will only get a handfull of players maybe around 9-17 or so depending how lucky you get during a particular season.

With that said I believe the strategy above is the most reliable. I will be testing out recruiting more but let me know what you think and if you have experience any out of no where instant commits like I have.
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Re: Recruiting Strategy and Experience


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