Still no commitments in Week 12

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Re: Still no commitments in Week 12

Originally Posted by jejones
This sounds like a good idea. I usually spread them between20 or so, and while I have leads on 19, I too am struggling getting commits so Ill have to change up my recruiting strategy next year.
Even with 6500 points available i don't go past 15 guys recieving points. I tried that before and what happened was I wasn't moving the lock bar fast enough and the longer you wait the more chance of either another team swooping in and getting a monster visit or you taking it into the offseason and hoping nobody drops 10k on them to steal them. I am much happier focusing on 10-15 with close to max points as really you need to maintain ~15-17 total per year to keep a 70 man roster well stocked. There is no need (other than year 1 of a 1* team) to land 20-25 recruits.

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Re: Still no commitments in Week 12

Originally Posted by uofmsteve
My problem with recruiting is that i'm still unsure when to say
"Alright, I'm not going to sign him." In the previous releases it was much easier to tell if you had a chance with a player. I understand you can get locked out eventually but it'd be nice to realize the facts before they become reality. Has anyone found a point where you're able to say "I'm not getting this guy?"
I'd say look at the lockout point, and consider how many points you'd have to allocate to catch up.

Like, if it's Week 8, and I'm 1000 points back on a recruit, and I'm not above the lockout line (basically what will put you into a recruiting battle), then it's not worth it to me to keep putting 500 points + the bonus JUST to try to catch up.

Now, if you're second on a guy's list, but the top team still has a big lead, then it may be worth going for it. Just keep in mind, once you start getting 1000+ points behind, your chances of being in the battle dwindle.

BUT, breaking a prospects lock does give you a nice bonus and puts you back in the hunt.
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