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Morphing into blocks

Played a game last night I was Toledo playing at Florida... Of course I expected to get blown out, I held my own and lost 31-17, but that's not the reason for my post...

I noticed during the game, there were two plays where I user control my MLB and get lined up pretty good with the ball-carrier in good position to make the tackle, only to get sucked into a block by a player that shouldn't have been able to block me... Both situations happened on runs plays, where I would have had a tackle for loss...

I didn't notice any other times where it happened...

I'm wondering if anyone else is having issues with this, or, was this for some reason the way EA differentiates the talent difference in Toledo vs Florida?
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Re: Morphing into blocks

Video would help a lot but for me the main improvement of the gameplay is to finally have a real blocking. Blocks were a disaster in last NCAA and Madden 13. I mean the AI of blockers was really really poor and it was a big limitation of a run based offense. This NCAA brings a much more realistic blocking and for me gamepl,ay wise it is the main improvement I have seen so far.
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Re: Morphing into blocks

It's there, not just you. Happens when I'm using a CB trying to defend the run. I'll play inside-out technique on the WR to be able to break inside to stop the run and sure enough....as soon as I take two steps my player magically loses 50% of his speed for 2 steps while the WR gets back underneath me for the block. Very frustrating. It's called suction blocking and it's almost a game killer on next gen consoles.
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