EA Sports License Extended with CLC For Three More Years, Starting July 1, 2014

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Re: EA Sports License Extended with CLC For Three More Years, Starting July 1, 2014

Originally Posted by BBallcoach
2k could ALWAYS get the CLC license, only the NCAA was exclusive. 2k fanboys please stop championing for them to get back in this... they wont. And the last time they made a College Football game it was terrible.


Now, I do agree compettition is better. But I want 989 Sports to bring back College Gameday! That game was legit back in the day.
First, it was FAR from terrible. It had issue, but come on. College Gameday was WORSE. But during that time, it's not like ANY of the college football games were any more than a shell of the NFL titles. BTW, 2K3 was developed by Kush. Kush sucked. VC would do any football game coming from 2K Sports now and I'd put money on a good game IF it were to be made. But it won't, so lets not go there. 2K and no one else will get into the fray because they can't make any money on it. The college football video game market isn't big enough to support today's costs of making a game of that quality. As for this news, some folks need to realize that the CLC has ALWAYS been the main cog in the licensing picture for NCAA titles. Why the NCAA is stepping back is purely to minimize damage it THINKS! We will see. As for the games, who cares. The CLC is the entity that handles the deals for the schools as a collective. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think every school is covered under the CLC. I'm sure I'm wrong about that to some level. Anyway, none of this matter until this case is settled. If the athletes "win", expect to see college games done at a lesser expense, higher price, or not at all. Should the kids benefit from the money being made? HELL YES!!! ALL of the student athletes should be able to survive without needing a job they are not allowed to have (thanks NCAA). MANY schools are behind this! Should just football and basketball player be *paid* - HELL NO! For any of them to claim to "never see a dime" of that money is COMPLETE and utter bs! You should SEE the facilities they have unlimited access too! You should see the training tables. They have free medical. They're tuition, room, and board are paid for! You should see the "perks" of being in the BMOC club! I know this. I was part of it. So, NONE of them can claim to not "see a dime" of these mega contract. But I'm OT. Sorry. At the end of the day, only the NCAA branding is gone. And, frankly, good riddance!!!

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