CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

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CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

The CPU defense is an absolute disgrace on this f***ing game and situational play calling is absolutely horrendous. I just beat Alabama with Oregon 35-6 on Heisman mode running nothing but the read option the whole game. I ran mostly out of a 4WR set and the safeties and LBs did not come up one time to help stuff the box during the game, instead they just stayed back and acted like I had been slinging the rock all over the field and going all f***ing Drew Brees on em' when in reality I was rushing for about 8 yards a play on the read option. I mean I could have first and goal from the 1 yard line and the defense would line up in what looked like a Dime or Quarter package with only three down linemen and the safeties and LBs were lined up way off the line of scrimmage like they were expecting a pass. It doesn't matter if the offense has 5 WRs, EVERY defensive player who isn't guarding a man out wide is supposed to come up and stack the L.O.S. because guess what?? THEY ONLY NEED ONE F***ING YARD TO SCORE A TOUCHDOWN!!! So I was like "well that was f***ing horrible, maybe if I make Oregon's OL suck and Bama's players ridiculous and adjust sliders it might be better"..........NOPE!!! Same f***ing result!! I made every OL and TE on Oregon no better than an 80 at strength and anything blocking related while making EVERY defensive player on Bama a 99 strength, block shedding, pursuit, and power move while also taking all my sliders down to zero and putting all of the CPUs up to 100 and I was still beating Bama's a**. Oregon's QB had 200 plus yards rushing by halftime and the RB had over 100 as well and it was 21-0. I swear to god the sliders don't do s*** and that EA puts them on the game just to make people think they do. Has no one else noticed this??? I am soooo sick of this halfa**ed money hungry company. I'm glad the NCAA is backing out of this s*** next year.
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Re: CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

Take a deep breath and sell the game if you don't like it so much.
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Re: CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

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It's a video game bro. It's not that hard to enjoy it.
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Re: CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

I seriously hope this thread gets deleted. There is voicing your opinion and then there is crossing the line into crazy guy online cursing about a video game like it kicked his dog.
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Re: CPU defense sucks and sliders are BS

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Locked. We already have a huge thread on this and you violated the TOS at least 10 different times in your initial post.

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