Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

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Re: Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

Originally Posted by Cardot
CPU FG accuracy is one of those things that video games never seem to get right. Usually they are way too accurate, but I seem to recall at least one game were they missed too much...maybe NFL 2K2?? Compared to a lot of other complicated things that developers get right in the game, this seems like it should be pretty easy to program.
The really strange thing to me is that PKs inn recent NCAA Football games have been the opposite of reality. In real college football, there are tons of guys who can kick a ball 50+ yards--almost every team can find a guy who can boot the ball that far. The difference between good college kickers and bad ones is accuracy--lots of guys can kick far, but not with any control over where the ball ends up.

So in real life, most kickers can kick far but not accurately. In this game, however, every CPU kicker can put it right between the goalposts on almost every kick, and it's not difficult for the user to be able to get the accuracy right on most kicks as well. But there are few kickers in this game who can make the ball go more than 40 yards (without adjusting the FG sliders, of course).

So the only reason users usually miss FGs is because our kicker just doesn't have the leg to get it there. The CPU advantage is that CPU coaches seem to know exactly how far their guy will kick, and they never try an FG if it's too long for their kicker, so CPU PKs never miss at all.

Most misses in real football go wide right or wide left, but you never see that in this game.
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Re: Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

I've had the CPU kick it short and miss number of times. Though, it seems every time I try to ice the kicker I get the "Antifreeze" popup. Don't now if it means they aren't effected (or just that % chance is down), but I've never seen the ice'd kicker screen when the CPU kicks.
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Re: Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

I've had it work for me. Also for me the cpu kicks it from way out of there range all the time. I had them attempt one from 57 yards on me the other day. It came down at the 2 yard line. Also I see them miss wide a lot. I saw the cpu miss from 24 yards in one game, I couldn't believe it.
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Re: Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

I can't agree with this original post at all.

I'm creating a case file on this game in all area's and the kicking game is one of them.

First off, I have reduced the kicking accuracy for both User & Cpu to 35 and the power I left at 50. The reason I did this is because I don't feel that 'icing' a premier kicker works anyways unless it's the Boise State kicker from a few years back or if you have a holder like Ray Finkle. And to have a 'perk' called 'Antifreeze' like this is COD 6 to neutralize 'icing' the kicker in the first place seems like a moot point and from a coaching stand point, unrealistic. I have seen the Cpu kicker miss point blank 30 yard fgs numerous times with the accuracy adjustments but unfortunately the accuracy slider doesn't effect the User.

Secondly, regarding fgs. I also must disagree with the point made that the Cpu kicker doesn't kick fgs when it is out of the kickers range. Like last year, I was sooo tired of seeing the Cpu kicker kick 55+ yard fgs and see the ball barely land after the goal line. This 'bug' if you wanna call it that is still in this game. You would think that the Cpu 'coach' would know the kicking power of his fg kicker by week 3 but I am still seeing them line up for a 50+ fg and embarrassingly have the ball land 10 yards short of the back of the endzone, let alone off target.

My last point is an interesting one for sure. Try it yourself this weekend. The punting game is a train wreck and one of the most inconsistent parts of the NCAA series. When punting, I always always angle the punt low and towards the sidelines. I'm hoping to have it land just in front of the returners feet and bounce for 15 yards out of bounds. I have this pretty well mastered and have to defend the punt returns very rarely. We're happy for ya! Ok, now to the computers turn. You stop them on their 48 yard line on third down. Here comes the punt team. 9.5 Times out of 10 the Cpu will kick it into the endzone. I'm sure we have all seen this. Now, next time you stop them, go and simulate the punt. Chances are they coffin corner it or your returner fair catches it inside the 20. I started to notice this when I was the DC and I would just simulate until I was on defense. Now I watch all of the Cpu's special team plays. The same will happen if you simulate your punter. Sometimes your punter has better success and I have gotten a few safeties a year when I was DC.

One more funny 'bug' about punts. When you simulate a punt, the commentators will comment on how you went for it on 4th down. Try it on your turn to punt and the computers turn so you get the maximum experience and some funny line's from Kirk.

Thanks for reading
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Re: Does Ice the Kicker Ever Work Against CPU?

Fg accuracy and power is a lot better at 40.
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