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Does any one have the same problem where team and ncaa records aren't being kept. I will get the xp award for my coach for breaking it but it wont show up in the record books when you check.

If you are having the same problem have you found a reason why or a work around to get it to start showing up ?
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Maybe it has to do with saving your profile? I always save both my dynasty and profile after each game.
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But if it doesn't save can you continuously get those exp each game?

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I'm having the same problem with records not saving. All my trophies have been erased too for some reason. The good thing is you get XP for breaking them again.
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Having the same issue in all of my dynasties. None of our Career Records are saving but we are getting the XP for them. I hope this is fixed in a patch.
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Records aren't saved in Online Dynasty. No problem with offline mode
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