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Re: Do ratings matter in this game

Block shedding for sure matters. Lower it and you will get pancaked all day.

-Know yourself-you win 50% of the time.
-Know your opponent-you win 50% of the time.
-Know yourself and your opponent- 100%Pwng
The Art of War- Sun Tzu

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Re: Do ratings matter in this game

ell, being bored with a lot of time on my hands, I've found out why we've struggled getting the game to emulate what we see Saturdays, even with greater editing functions we now have, thanks to Xan.

The scale is based on 100% model and our troubles begin here because the Player Ratings in their current setup do not operate within this model.

The current in-game structure uses a scale of 40-99, but the actual scale of 0-127 needs Xan's Editor to utilize.
But simply using this scale does/will not remedy the major problem.

Studying the ratings, I've noticed that the game uses Generalized Ratings and Position Specific/Counter Ratings to trigger Animations. (ie Gameplay)

Generalized Ratings are those that all Positions use on a standard best to worst scale (ie 0-127) and their use during gameplay is linear.
The issue with these ratings is that some need to use a large gap on the 0-127 scale to see a big difference within that rating.

Updated 8/17
These ratings are..
-Speed (the heaviest weight upon gameplay, min 15 pt gap to see difference)
-Acceleration (min 40+ pt gap to see a true Explosive Burst)
-Special Catch (set all WR/TE/CB/Safeties to 127)
-Jump (0 for all Def players, WR/TE set to 127)
-Throw Power
-Throw Accuracy
-Kick/Punt Power
-Kick/Punt Accuracy
-Stamina (set at "0", it's just a Boost that pushes gameplay further away from realism.
**the game/ratings/animations will function better because a true fatigue element is added to "every" play from the beginning.
(ie sub in/out, "Fumbles" etc...)
-AWR (this is were the variation between players/teams will come from because a player and/or team consisting of players with low AWR, will not perform like those with a high rating here)

Position Specific/Counter Ratings are those ratings that use the 0-25-50-75-100% measurables to decide/trigger Animations/outcomes.

-Outcomes will follow a more consistent pattern in the game because we're now using the true scale the game is built on/around.
(ie weak player/teams will play accordingly against better teams)

So the actual scale needed for the Specific/Counter Ratings to operate properly within the 0-127 scale is....
0% = 0
25% = 32
50% = 63 (the median, not 50)
75% = 95
100% = 127

**So a player or team with mostly 63's (ie Cal) will play "better" than than those of 32's (Old Dominion) on a consistent basis.
-A player or team with mostly 95's (ie Alabama) will play 'better" than 63's, but would "crush" player/teams of 32's on a consistent basis.
**Stars on a 32'ish team can have 63 or 95's added to some of their ratings to set them apart

These are the ratings and their counter...
For Fumbles - (Hit Power has to be higher than Carry)
-Hit Power

Change of direction - (both are the same)
-Agility (how fast change of direction occurs for Offense)
-Pursuit (how fast change of direction occurs for Defense)
**Set both at "0" for Momentum Based

Pass Game Outcome
-Route Run
-Man Coverage


-Catch in Traffic
-Zone Coverage

Run Game Outcome
-Break Tackle
**Optional Animations (suppose to be linear, but coding makes some stronger than others, not part of the paired sum) Spin/Juke/Elusiveness/Truck/Stiff Arm

-Play Rec (Ball Carrier Recognition for Def)
-Vision (Tackler Recognition for Off)

Struggle Outcome -
-Pass/Run Blk (each is summed with Break Blk separately)
-Break Block

-Pass/Run Blk Strength
-Power Move

-Pass/Run Blk Footwork
-Finesse Moves
**Optional Animations
Swim/Spin (the higher Spin rating is, the faster it animates with the Def player)

[u]Strength is the only rating that is single in nature, but still follows the 0/25/50/75/100 scale above.
(ie Air Force RB = 31 vs Alabama RB = 95 [harder runner]) or
(ie 180 lb RB = 31 vs 230 lb LB = 95 [weight difference])
-outcomes will be consistent

How True Gameplay is accomplished:
The key is to utilize the Position Specific/Counter Ratings on a "Team by Team" bases, and not player by player as we have been doing.
-Meaning, each position on a team carries a set rating for every player in that position.
(ie Strength Rating: Akron OL'n = 32 vs V'Tech DL'n = 95) or
(ie Old Dominion WR Route Run = 32 vs Alabama DB Man Coverage = 95)

Don't worry about every player playing the same!!!
Variation from player to player on a team will come from the Generalized Ratings and...
-The AWR Rating as well as...
-Hidden metrics/measurables in the coding we can't edit, even with Xan's editor

Update 8/19 **Special Teams
Hum Player - Controlling Punts
- The only thing K/P Accuracy Sliders do for Hum, is increase/decrease the window for L to R Angles "ONLY".
- You can control the bounce by press-n-holding "RB Button" slightly before the ball touches the foot.
- The closer to that "sweet spot" you are, the more control you will have.
- After the kick, press-n-hold upwards, moving L to R on the "Left Stick" to simulate backspin.
- You can also press down on the Left Stick to make the ball die on the first bounce.
**the only catch is that you must be in that "sweet spot" with RB Button, otherwise it will bounce into the endzone.
- The Player Punt Accuracy Rating "might" dictate how big the "Sweet Spot" is.
- Also, rosters can have Player Punt Power Rating as low as 45 and still kick 50 yrs
- 2nd, the Power Meter doesn't need to be maxed out to achieve distance.
- You will actually have more control if you kick under the "Line" in the meter.

- The Power Slider for the CPU is so powerful, that at 100%, the AI can kick 87 yrd field goals (not the same for Hum though)
- Turn the Punt Power to "0", but increase the Accuracy to 100% and watch what the AI does!!!

thanks goes to khaliib(entire thread is in roster section)
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Re: Do ratings matter in this game

Ok, I had to respond to this thread..
Who are the 99 rated players you're referring to? I mean in real life.
Do those things ever happen to the real players?.. of course they do.
Believe it or not, Hershel Walker got tackled 90% of the time by the first guy that hit him. It's the remaining 10 per cent that we remember.
A 99 merely means that player is the highest rated player in that category. It doesn't mean he's Superman.
And there's really not that much difference between a 99 and a 60. A 60 can hold his own most of the time.
Just like teams, if Alabama is a 99, and Georgia State is a 60. Believe it or not, GSU will play Bama even about 90 per cent of the plays. Even in a 70-0 rout, the vast majority of grades on the field will be even for most of the game. Let's say there are 11 grades per play, 140 plays per game..that's 1540 grades. In a 70-0 blowout, about 1500 of those grades will be even.
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