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Help the web page creator !

I'm currently working on all Americans view for the web page creator. As I think about what's next, I'd like to explore what a "preseason magazine" feature set would look like

Think about the info you see in our favorite annuals: schedules, predictions, depth charts, previous year recap, recruiting class roundup, conference preview etc

Obviously i cant provide the same amount of content, mainly articles, but I am exploring allowing you to write your own articles and headlines and import them into the page

That said, the game itself has a fair number of headlines, but I'd like to get a lot more. Thumb through your magAzines and read what they have to say about last place teams looking to improve

What the conference outlook is. Coaches on the hot seat. Teams mounting a title defense and teams that have been underperforming. Potential sleepers or

Make up the category, some might be impossible to do. Others maybe not

What to put in this thread:

A headline template and context


coach {0} looks to bring {1} back to glory

Condition: team hasn't won a NC in over 15 years

Feel free to explain, but make sure you format it so that things that need to be filled in are in the curly braces
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Re: Help the web page creator !

Topic: Incoming recruiting class.

Context: Highly-rated with recruit who has questionable work-ethic which may manifest as on-field issues.

Trigger: High OVR attribute and/or 5* but has a Discipline rating of 2 or lower. I believe this is the PDIS or RDIS field--can't recall--but it ranges from 0 to 6, and an analysis of the default roster showed that 3 is the 20th %ile. I don't know how often this combination of high OVR and low Disc. occurs with recruits but in the default roster 596 of 8568 have OVR >= 75 and Disc. <= 2.

See this post about Discipline, here. Given how it affects game play, the high-OVR/low-Disc combo could be used broadly for your project. That is, it could be interpreted as off-field issues (e.g., partying), poor practice/preparation, etc.

Headline or Blurb: "Stud {pos} {player name} has tremendous upside but wild tales follow him from {player hometown}: Should {school} fans worry?"

"How will {pos. rank} {position} {player name} adjust to his 1st semester in {school city}?"

"{school}'s {player name} arrives for spring practice 35lbs over-weight; needs oxygen after 3 downs..."

"Police run-ins, a test-taker scandal, late-night female callers on visit: {player name} denies wrongdoing, says, "I'm here to help this team win..." "

"From {player hometown}: {player name} nearly sat out st. c'ship game after several unexcused absences from practice"
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Re: Help the web page creator !

Ill start helping out making so templates next week when I get some free time next week. But here is a great resource to start making team preview templates from if any of you guys have some free time.


Quick Blurbs:

Possible Stock photos cheerleaders for filler:

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Re: Help the web page creator !

Team Preview for bad teams..

The {1} slow, steady, up-from-the-bootstraps climb continues in {2} with another deadly non-conference slate, another tough {3} schedule and, more than likely, another 10 or more losses. Ten losses seem a safe pick: {4} could beat {5} and then maybe get one {6} win, but anything more than that would be a slight surprise. Why? Quite simply, {7} doesn't have the offensive firepower to run with most of the {8} nor the defensive fortitude to bottle teams up and win in the fourth quarter.
{nickname, current year, team conference, school, lowest rated opponent on schedule, conference, school, conference}
Condition: Bad Team, Not Indep

This isn't going to go well. How could it? To be honest, what I see when looking at {1}'s roster, overall personnel and coaching moves is a multiple-year rebuilding job – not three or four years, perhaps, but at least two seasons of growth, development and hard work on the recruiting trail before the {2} are back to the point where winning six or more games in successive seasons is a possibility. Now, the big question: Does {3} and this staff have what it takes to get this done?
{school, nickname, head coach}
Condition: Bad Team

Yes, there's some experience up front and in the secondary, but does {1} have the tools to be successful against the {2}'s elite offenses? Let's put it this way: it would be a surprise if {3} won six games. Five wins would be a pleasant surprise; four would be nice; three would be expected; two wouldn't raise an eyebrow. To beat many teams on this schedule, {4} would need to play a perfect game. Is that possible?
{school, conference, school, school}
Condition: Bad Team, Not Indep

Well, it's not going to be easy. What should you expect? Losses, many of 'em, and a last-place finish in the nation's weakest league. You should also expect improvement as the year wears on and plenty of signals that {1} hired the right man to get this program moving forward.
Condition: Bad Team

It's going to be hard for {1} to score enough points to win games when the offensive line is in shambles, the quarterback position in flux and the backfield devoid of any proven game-breaking talent. Both sides of the ball remain a work in progress, the offense far more so than the defense. {2} should get off to a slow start this year, ending any hope of a massive rebound, but should win a few games with there best chance for victory coming again {3}. Should, mind you, and there's no assurance that this season ends any differently than last.
{school, school, lowest rated team on schedule}
Condition: Bad Team

{1} must find motivation amid dealing with the painful process of building a winner from the bottom up. It is a frightening thought that could – and should, perhaps – lead to another season spent on the lower rung of the FBS. This isn't {2}, who will be competing for a place among the nations elite. This is {3}, one of the nation's struggling programs, and for the progress he's made, {4} faces the greatest challenge of his career – by leaps and bounds – in attempting to motivate a team and roster playing out the string.
{school, #1 team in the county, school, coaches name}
Condition: Bad Team

Don't expect the overnight fix. What {1} has returning isn't just a woebegone roster, but a broken program, and even a coach of his experience can't be expected to reverse the {2} course in a single season, let alone an offseason. Only those familiar with {3}'s downfall will be able to understand just how much work lies ahead: {4} needs to tear down the dilapidated exterior, dig up the loose roots and start from scratch, first reversing a loser's mindset before attacking the schematics needed to lift an offense and defense out of the doldrums. This is going to be difficult.
{coaches name, nickname, school, coaches name}
Condition: Bad Team

The {1} are getting there. {2} pushes this bunch, looking to get the best out of every practice, all with the goal of creating the sort of winning environment needed to rip this program out of its long and painful malaise. Even if this season doesn't lead{3} to its postseason goal, the {4} should show enough progression – and develop enough young talent – to be a factor in the {5} race in {6}. But it's vital that {7}'s young players progress over the next 12 games.
{nickname, coaches name, school, nickname, conference, current year, school}
Condition: Bad Team, Not Indep

To say the {1} lack any talent would be incorrect: {2} is strong at {3}, for example, and should feel good about the situations at {4} and {5}. In another year – say, two years from now – a similar talent level in conjunction with a stronger foundation of depth, experience and philosophy could yield a winning season, or at least a rare push toward bowl eligibility. As is, however,{6} as a whole needs time to adjust to the schematic blueprint while awaiting an influx of talent and depth, a combination that leaves the {7}s playing catchup.
{nickname, school, highest rated position group, 2nd highest rated position group, 3rd highest rated position group, school, nickname}
Condition: Bad Team

There's really only one truly winnable game on this schedule, {1}, along with several toss-up games against teams similarly skimming along the lower range of the FBS: {2}, {3} to name a couple. It's not the toughest schedule in the country, just one not entirely conducive to a breakthrough season, and not one that leaves {4} poised for anything close to six or seven wins and a bowl trip. There are too many holes for the {5} to turn last season's painful close into something positive.
{lowest rated opponent, 2nd lowest rated opponent, 3rd lowest rated opponent, school, nickname}
Condition: Bad Team

{1} has a steep hill to climb before beating {2}, let alone beating six teams and reaching bowl eligibility. In hindsight, the program's last bowl run was built on smoke, mirrors and the kindest schedule imaginable; that there was no foundation behind that postseason appearance was obvious during the ensuing seasons, when {3} reclaimed its spot among the nation's underachievers. Bringing {4} into this century will be a challenge: {5} has personnel and schematic issues to address, as do countless other coaches, but the {6} will be stuck in neutral until the staff can instill a tough, physical, error-free mindset.
{school, rival on schedule, school, school, coaches name, nickname}
Condition: Bad Team

The future according to {1}: {2} rides waves upon waves of talent to the top of the {3}, outhitting, outrunning and outmuscling the competition in tossing aside would-be rival {4} . {5}'s vision – whether or not it holds any flaws – has been evident since day one, when he began the process of overhauling the {6} roster with a do-or-die commitment to the recruiting trail. One premier class is an aberration; two is a sign; three would be a trend. At this rate, {7} will have stockpiled enough talent to wear down enough conference foes to ensure annual bowl eligibility. That's the program's future, should {8} see it through to fruition and not leave for greener pastures.
{coaches name, school, conference, rival team on schedule, coaches last name, nickname, school, coaches name}
Condition: Bad Team, Not Indep

The nation's stoutest schedule meets a team and program struggling through a transition, and the results should be predictably painful. As of today, given all that {1} has and needs, the {2} should be an underdog in most game this year. If an overly simplistic way to view the coming season, the schedule does paint a picture: {3} is the weakest program in what many view as the nation's elite conference, for one, and adds to this conference slate a pair of teams, {4}, {5} with expectations of six or more wins during the regular season. Speaking generally, the {6} are at least one full year behind the curve in comparison to nearly every team on this slate, with {7} the exception. More losses are coming.
{school, nickname, school, highest rated non conf opp, 2nd highest rated non conf opp, nickname, lowest rated opp}
Condition: One of the lowest rated teams in a Power Conference

The number of changes – on the field and on the sideline – are matched by the number of holes dotting the two-deep. In the long run, change is good: {1} needs to bring in fresh blood to reverse this tide, even if we're looking at a multiple-year process before the {2} are viewed as preseason bowl contenders. At the same time, this specific team has a number of issues to address throughout the roster before the opener; few positions are settled and even fewer secure, so the {3} are clearly headed toward another losing season.
{school, nickname, nickname}
Condition: Bad Team

There are too many unknowns to project a substantial leap forward. That's the safe bet, though it lacks imagination: {1} is still learning the ropes on defense, is still untrustworthy on offense and still lacks the depth needed to survive another rash of injuries, though it's difficult to imagine lightning striking the {2} twice. The offense clearly needs a full season from {3}, a potential all-conference pick if healthy; even if the rest of the offense falls short of expectations. The defense must make a major improvement merely to reach respectability – and the {4} attack might need to be more than respectable to mount a charge to the postseason.
{school, nickname, best offensive skill player, school}
Condition: Bad Team

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Re: Help the web page creator !

thanks for your sharing
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